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Better stronger

  • Stronger - Hillsong United
    "There is love that came for us Humbled to a sinner's cross you broke my shame and sinfuless you rose again victorious Faithfulness none can deny through the strom and through the fire there is truth that"
  • Stronger - Clean Bandit
    "People tell me to be cautious People tell me not to lose my self control People tell me to be flawless People tell me not to let myself evolve And I think I don't really get it I think it's all just a"
  • Stronger - Faith Hill
    "This is the window to my heart I just want us to be free There ain't no freedom where we are Ain't no wishes in these stars Ain't no reasons to believe But don't worry baby Don't you worry Maybe this is"
  • Stronger - Skillet
    "My skin is my disguise I'm more than a man I smile at my demise Ask who I am More than a man More than a man More than a man More than a man My skin is my disguise I'm more than a man I was"
  • stronger - Adeaze
    "Adeaze Miscellaneous stronger listen to me im feelin afraid, of sumthing in my life that is wrong.. and that you will tell me that im ok dont worrie because i am strong. i know it gets hard sometimes"
  • Stronger - Osada Vida
    "You keep hangin’ on with life That’s never free Taking everyday like that’s the last you’ll ever see You try to keep your smile Instead you’re sad inside It isn’t hard to see You’re steppin’ into the night I"
  • Stronger - Will Young
    "(S Lipson/ K Poole) Life Has a funny way of trying to make You a certain type And making it hard Yeah life Is feet firmly on the ground With a fear of flying It's always too far Chorus 1 It only makes"
  • Stronger - Dub Pistols
    "Life's the greatest Glad they made us Hey I got the status of courageous Lions in the cages You go through stages See the faces of the different places Meet on a daily basis Never know who's gonna change"
  • Stronger - Scribe
    "And I made through, and I made it through the, Oh and i made it through the rain and the cold through the dark all alone my life hit rock bottom i had no where to go and if i could turn back time and change"
  • Stronger - Demi Lovato
    "The night is getting darkerSoon the stars will be falling down to rescue us,Sing a song for me,Lift me higher with your words,Sing that cold melodyNow follow meOnto the moonlit sidewalkAnd take my handGrip"

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