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Bocoran togel Hongkong malam ini dri admin pusat 4d

  • Abduction - Dri
    "Where have all the children gone? How long must the search go on? See them on the milk carton Someone stole their only son Abducted from their place of play It seems to happen every day Almost like it's"
  • All For Nothing - Dri
    "Eyes full of hate, quick to condemn Just stay in the dark and wait for an end You don't really care, it's jut give and take Keeping the distance, keeping it fake Waiting for something that doesn't quite"
  • Manifest Destiny - Dri
    "Manifest Destiny More blood on the hands of Christ They called themselves Christians And gave themselves the rights Disguised as missionaries They were really after gold Many Indians died for that How"
  • Gone Too Long - Dri
    "I call you up You've got nothing to say I get the hint And I'm blown away Been gone, gone too long I've been gone too long You must see me In some far away city Wonder, is she blond And is she pretty When"
  • Underneath The Surface - Dri
    "I can't tell you anything you don't already know And I'm really not the type to say, "I told you so." But accidents can always happen, death is always near So if you drive to hell and back, don't let the"
  • Acid Rain - Dri
    "Will our children look back With hatred or despair At a generation of idiots Who just didn't care About the fossil fuel fumes And the aerosol sprays That put holes in the ozone And let in the rays That"
  • Tone Deaf - Dri
    "Tone deaf - I can't play an instrument Tone deaf - I can't even sing Tone deaf - I have to wear ear plugs The noise makes my ears ring They told me when I was eleven "You shouldn't even bother to try You've"
  • Guilt Trip - Dri
    "My body is stupid But my brain is smart Luck rules both of them With the help of my heart Like a stumbling moron Unable to obey The simplest laws Of morality I'm the saddest excuse For a human being Wish"
  • Hardball - Dri
    "Out of the woodwork Here you come, crawling On your knees, hands out I think you missed your calling You want a percentage Imaginary piece of the pie Take a number, get in line Asshole - nice try Cause"
  • Do The Dream - Dri
    "Conform - It's only need Distort - Not what it seems Resort - To the deed Report - To the machine Modern day vendor that sells you hell A line is formed, will you live to tell? Money - machine, become"

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