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Bronski Beat Hard Rain

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Bronski Beat Hard Rain
  • Hanoi Rocks Mental Beat
    "The beat is getting stronger I can't take it any longer Every time I try to sleep I wake up to This beat inside of me You can't ignore this beat You have to get up on your dancing feet You will have no"
  • Rickie Lee Jones Beat Angels
    "Begging round the sun beaten streets I can't make me no connections Locals here no speak no English Where is my woman, well no one knows Ah well, some girls just have to leave in the night While you're"
  • Astropuppees Sugar Beat
    "It's cold outside But I don't care I'm gonna walk Down the street And I don't care It's dark outside But I don't care Little bit of rain It's only water The bars are open Some girls are dancing in the"
  • Guided By Voices Love Beat
    "I can feel your love beat I can feel your love beat Beating like a hammer in my brain Beating like a heartbeat in my brain Can't you feel my heartbeat? Emotion I give you is strangely exotic It brings"
  • Warren G Dope Beat
    "I need a dope beat, a dope beat Just holler at your boy named Warren G(I wanna) A dope beat(with my), a dope beat Just holler at your boy named Warren G Y'all know me, the G from the 213 LBC, Regulatin,"
  • Wishbone Ash Heart Beat
    "Is it a crime to love a woman, To give her everything? People change, she goes away, And you're left with nothing. You've been together for so long, That's what's makin' it hard, Just like an old-fashioned"
  • Brian Wilson Morning Beat
    "Maumamayama glory, Hallelujah Maumamayama glory, Hallelujah The sun burns a hole through the 6am haze Turns up the volume and shows off its rays Another dodger blue skies is crowning L.A. The city of"
  • Fats Domino Big Beat
    "Blue Monday Fats Domino and Fabian Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday Got to work like a slave all day Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday I'm so tired got no time to play Here come Wednesday, I'm beat"
  • Escanaba Firing Line Broken Beat
    "The hardest part of today; stop, rewind, hit play. Back here once again with nothing more to say. Tossing you back and forth in my head. Clock ticking to remind me Many times this like tomorrow. Broken"
  • Grandmaster Flash Beat Street
    "Beat Street Breakdown, Raah! Hip Hop! Beat Street The king of the beat You see him rocking that beat from across the street And Huh Huh! Beat Street is a lesson too, because you can't let the Streets"

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