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  • Ice On The Sheets - Ugly Casanova
    "Committin' crimes and we're running down the alley, I am the captain, you're in the galley. I'm with this girl she said that she was hungry. We just got done swapping our IDs. Ice on the sheets. Look"
  • Pacifico - Ugly Casanova
    "they said they'd give me everything, here's the part that made me laugh. they didn't give me anything and then they took half of that. Sharpen your teeth or lay flat! you said you'd play clean, oh what"
  • Smoke Like Ribbons - Ugly Casanova
    "smoke was pulled like ribbons from the windows of the car. i followed the flash of silver from your teeth. above the tarmac the lights were icy green. buried in patterns in your chest, a quiet shimmering. little"
  • Things I Don't Remember - Ugly Casanova
    "Things I don't remember How'd the hell'd we get here? How'd the hell did we get here? Things I don't remember Dressed-up alligators How'd the hell'd we get here? Things I don't remember There was dressed-up"
  • To Roads To Go, To Roads To Go - Ugly Casanova
    "i hangin water through im runnin water through, my mind i runnin water through im runnin water through, my mind nothin but shocks and lots to go wrong bein in america alls been forgot and its easy when"
  • Diggin' Holes In The Water - Ugly Casanova
    "I will not wish that you would move to the sun Cause you're like diggin' holes in thin air And we know that can't be done I will not wish that you would cheat with someone Cause you're like diggin' holes"
  • Baby's Clean Conscience - Ugly Casanova
    "I got a baby's clean conscience I walk around with my head off And in the state of the big sky The ground holds on to my grandpa's I'm always walking back one pace I'm walking back, head off And in the"
  • Barnacles - Ugly Casanova
    "I don't really need to see, So I don't need to see so I'll paint, I don't know, I'll paint it black. I don't need to see, I don't see how you see out of your window, I don't need to see, I'll paint mine"
  • Spilled Milk Factory - Ugly Casanova
    "Tease your neck, kiss your spitless mouth If you have another taste Carry my body, drive your rider home If you take another bad bet Mumbled had a rumble and I stumbled down the stairs Smellin' just like"
  • Parasites - Ugly Casanova
    "the parasites are excited when you're dead eyes bulging, entering your head. and all your thoughts, they rot. god and satan they gamble when you're dead beams of light, one sprite, the other's bourbon"

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