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Clean Bandid

  • Coming Clean - We Are Scientists
    "I've been waiting to go Thirty seconds and slowly counting Everything that I know I'm doubting It's so Check ignition and drive There must be something that I've forgotten Everything that I've ever wanted Was"
  • Travelin' Clean - Jimmy Buffett
    "You go to Fargo We'll meet in Chicago Travelin' light and travelin' clean In my nine wheel blue and white travelin' machine And I'm gone I'm movin' on yes I'm gone No time to look back We've crossed the"
  • Clean Money - Elvis Costello
    "Payday's coming and we wash it awayClean money, clean moneyPayday's coming and we wash it awayClean money, clean moneyThat's what I want to doI want to spend it on youChecking on a checkmateGrassing on"
  • Clean Break - The Verve Pipe
    "i think you need some assistance to keep yourself at a distance it's harder when she's beautiful it's easy when she's waking next to you if you're gonna make a break, make a clean break if you're"
  • Come Clean - Mysteries Of Life
    "I didn't hear what you said. I didn't look in your eyes. Between an impossible distance The air is alive. I've got a taste in my mouth. You've got a look on your face. Another misunderstanding Is taking"
  • Clean Today - Katatonia
    "All the white lights falling The blue lights are falling Night is warm Came down with a promise I have my best shirt on I lower myself now It is a way to forget Of last year's failure Will the streetlights"
  • Clean Slate - Bodyjar
    "Clean slate Suddenly waiting for something that I know won't come Now I've Only got time to think how did it end up this way? Not enough Not enough inside All the things that are here to remind"
  • Clean Out - Mates of State
    "Clean out your eyes I never meant to be your disguise So clean out your eyes Covering is all just the same Cover it, it's all just the same You crucify every word that I say Over and over I couldn't"
  • Come Clean - Hilary Duff
    "Let's go back Back to the beginning Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned 'Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect Trying to fit a square into a circle Was no life I defy Let the rain"
  • Stay Clean - Motorhead
    "I can tell, seen before, I know the way, I know the law, Can't believe, can't obey, Can't agree with all the things I hear you say, Oh no, don't ask me why, I can't go on with all these filthy white lies,"

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