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Could could could

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Could could could
  • Campbell Tevin Could It Be
    "I do believe It's somethin I do believe it's you Can't be without you baby Not even for a night And so I've been thinking lately Of being with you for all time Could it be, could it be something Could"
  • evan and jaron I Could Fall
    "Nobody could hurt me like I know she could hurt me but there's nothing in this world that I want more Nobody could take me to the places that she takes me Places that I've never been before With my eyes"
  • Darius If I Could
    "If I had you And you were here If I could kiss And wipe away your tears If I could How I would If I could change A single thing If I could love And touch your face again If I could How I would Only the"
  • Billie Holiday How could you
    "Just when romance got a start You decided it was time to part How could you? How could you? It was on a night like this You left me and didn't leave a kiss How could you? How could you? You know"
  • Nick Lachey Could U Love
    "(Can you get it too, can you get it too Can you get it too, can you get it too Can you get it too,baby Can you get it too, can you get it too) Sometimes I don't know where do I go And who do I turn to Cause"
  • Jim Reeves I Could Cry
    "I could cry 'cause I fell in love with you I could cry 'cause you never could be true I could cry my very heart out for someone just like you I could cry but what good would it do. I'll go on caring,"
  • Phish If i could
    "Take me to another place, she said Take me to another time Run with me across the oceans Float me on a silver cloud If I could I would, but I don't know how If I could I would, but I don't know how If"
  • Mija Martina Could It Be?
    "You're feeling blue, Don't know what do to solo. Cos you were always lyin' Now you're cryin' Just because I'm through with you. Could it be? Could it be? Is it true? I was fooled that I could die for"
  • Corbin Bleu She Could Be
    "She comes inside Been playing football with the guys She's all high fives And dirty footprints on the floor Next thing I know, She's hanging out She's got her dress and high heels on And we're alone, I"
  • Mario How Could You
    "(Verse) It's kind of crazy babe, how I remember things (like where you came from and how you had nothing) I went and made you fly, put extras on your ride (didn't miss a birthday now you can't even remember"

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