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D.O.D dope

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D.O.D dope
  • The Game Dope Game
    "(Lil Wayne) Money to be made best believe a nigga glockin' I run it myself like a quarterback option I pitch her ten G's tell a bitch to go shoppin' She buy herself some clothes and she brought me back"
  • Afroman Dope Fiend
    "Afroman Miscellaneous Dope Fiend Will somebody call me a cab? I swallowed another tab I might overdose under the circumstance So betta yet call me an ambulance Cause I'ma dopefiend baby,"
  • Ruff Ryders Dope Money
    "Drag On: Ha Ha Ha Oh Damn Now bop to this Oh Yeah Ya'll know what this is Flame on Juvenile Drag on Flame on And now Swizz Swizz Beatz yeah Verse 1 Me and my niggas done licked shots Even"
  • Iceman Dope Light
    "Odoru BED nagamete hitsuji no seisho ga warau mitsumeatta KEMURI wa TATSUMAKI okosu ze Ki ushinatta KOIN ga korogaru medama ni kawari hane no chitta shoujo ga yokome de nerau ze Hametsu kakugo no yuubi"
  • Marilyn Manson Dope Hat
    "i peek into the hole, i struggle for control the children love the show, but they fail to see the anguish in my eyes fail to see the anguish in my eyes i scratch around the brim, i let my mind give in the"
  • The Ruts Dope For Guns
    "The newspaper headlines got it wrong Thery're tryin' to tell us the dope is too strong But it ain't dope they're turning you They're selling dope for guns, that's the truth Dope for guns, it ain't fun They"
  • Fang Skinheads Smoke Dope
    "Skinheads smoke dope That aint no fucking joke You are a stupid bloke Skinheads smoke dope Skinheads we are the ones Skinheads will rise above Skinheads we know hot to fight Skinheads when might makes"
  • Deadboy & The Elephantmen Misadventures Of Dope
    "There was a rythm to the beat at the wedding that was brilliant Can't you hear it? There was terror in my heart of your silent Don't feel it? We were speaking clearly counting backwards in the darkness"
  • N.W.a Dope Man (Remix)
    "It was once said by a man who couldn't quit Dope man please can I have another hit The dope man said cluck I don't give a shit If your girl kneels down and sucks my dick It all happened and the guy tried"
  • Rancid Dope Sick, Girl
    "This song is about a girl who ripped me off she was dope sick Dope sick girl hit and run she took my money 87 dollars gone now she's running How was i i to know That girl could take my heart everywhere"

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