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Electrafixion Timebomb

  • Phobia - Steel Prophet
    "Ever flowing streams of stubborn morals created to seal the gate Mankind's biological timebomb, a must see comedy Limits we place inside slows evolution to a crawl The beast inside scratches and claws"
  • Life And Death - Abomination
    "Will has broken Four walls close in Thoughts of tomorrow When will they win Thoughts of suicide It's just time to do Will they repeat The final sigh The final ways of this one Of sorrow and disgust The"
  • Winter Song - Yoko Ono
    "I know you now for a thousand years Your body still feels nice and warm to me The sun is old, the winter's cold The lake is shining like a drop of Buddha's tears The mountains lie in a distance like the"
  • Time Bomb - A Perfect Murder
    "It All Started As A Game You Said Lets Fucking Try It Just For Fun, Just Like Everyone Else Did But You Got Played In Your Own Game But You Got Played In Your Own Game Your Life Is A Time Bomb Your Life"
  • Staring Each Other Down - Willie Nelson
    "You're hangin' on his arm She's holdin' mine A fool must have said love was blind We're shouting I love you's With people all around And they don't hear one sound Let her eyes do the talkin' And"
  • I'm Going (Feat. Melika) - Splesher
    "I played with your heart I will not practice in the future flirt as fast as you shoot a gun I will never know how You defeated me with my own weapon apparently it was your time Now I feel like I'm"
  • Human Combustion - Thanatos
    "(S. Gebdy/E. de Brouwer) My body is a wreck, I feel like I've been dead for a hundred years or more My skin has dried out My flesh is showing through the holes in my face My body is full of substances"
  • Habt Ihr Schon Geh - Fischmob
    "Take 28 Hey przed panstwem Stachi, zapraszamy do najnowszego wydania naszej audyci Italo Disco przed panstwem Grupa z Hamburga Fischmob to znaczy DJ Cosmic, Der schreckliche Sven i DJ Koze z utworem:"
  • Staring Each Other Down - Brenda Lee
    "STARING EACH OTHER DOWN (Chips Moman - Bobby Emmons) '82 Songs Of PolyGram, BMI / Tree Publishing You're hangin' on his arm she's holdin' mine a fool must have said love was blind We're shouting I"
  • Goin' Crazy - Psychopunch
    "Every time i walk away You've got something left to say Vicious mutha superfuck Good intentions just bad luck I feel so good I go insane I've got a timebomb in my brain Walking on a psycho's"

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