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Floral fmf

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Floral fmf
  • Los Campesinos Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown
    "Ooooh, ahhhh I restored your mother's faith in men Whilst boring you to death Left nothing more than the circle of stubble rash around your chest My life was saved by a packet of nineteen cigarettes Carried"
  • Pushmonkey Mother
    "springtime falls and mother is here she giving life to her children so dear mud puddle babies sea to shining sea well we're living with our mother no wants no needs well it's your springtime mother in"
  • Cappadonna Can't stop the pain
    "It's always a struggle, yeah Don't care how you look at P.J.'s, you know how it get, dirty, dirty Straight up and down, whole Staten Island (uh-huh) Slums, still the same, dude... word From Park Hill"
  • Number Twelve Looks Like You Texas Dolly
    "Light the way to the pot of gold waits for hadns, for my hands diamonds unleashed on three men one spin, two lights, three sounds A sphere to determine my fate second twelve to triple up sit and wait all"
  • Aaron Sprinkle Sweeter Than Me
    "Yesterday morning when you told me That you have never felt this lonely I saw the sadness in your eyes You told be how you feel disguised Confiding in me about the sleepless Nights that you cannot seem"
  • Blenders Accidental Lover
    "I was drivin' one day, out on the freeway When out of the blue, from my blind side Came a cute little girl, in a half-ton Ford Ranger Right there in my Yogo, I started to cry Whoa, I'm gonna die! That"
  • Redgum Fabulon
    "Buy a litre of Fabulon Dare we spray down In the scorched trail of a Sunbream iron Paint your face with Revlon To hide your frown In the blue gloam glare Of your Rank Television Carry it away from Myers"
  • Steve Miller Dance Dance Dance
    "(E.Anderl) A week's too long not to ring re colours her hair and waits for him no cat against dog just head over heals sex twice a date best time in years oh no why hasn't he phoned she has to wait until"
  • Of Montreal Little Viola Hidden In The Orchestra
    "Miniature woodwinds whistle underwater while electric eels make the ocean warm in summer Olives that were left on the sand become bathing beach bunnies being wooed by seashells singing elegant choruses Little"
  • Stereophonics Same Size Feet
    "A week's too long not to ring she colours her hair and waits for him No cat against dog Just head over heals Sex twice a date Best time in years Oh no why hasn't he phoned She has to wait until he's on"

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