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Foreigner -

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Foreigner -
  • Foreigner Hole In My Soul
    "I can feel these four walls around me I can feel them closing in on me But I know there's someone out there Ready and waiting For the chance to set me free I don't want nothing Ain't looking for no one You"
  • Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You
    "So long... I've been looking too hard I've been waiting too long Sometimes I don't know what I will find I only know it's a matter of time When you love someone When you love someone It feels so right"
  • Foreigner Luanne
    "Luanne, Luanne Why do you run and hide? Luanne, Luanne Don't keep your love inside I wait around for you after school You slip away and I don't see you Don't know what I'm gonna do If you can't see how"
  • Foreigner Urgent
    "You're not shy, you get around You wanna fly, don't want your feet on the ground You stay up, you won't come down You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound You've got fire in your veins Burning hot,"
  • Foreigner I Keep Hoping
    "As I gather my thoughts With the pieces of my heart Tell me, how long is forever I'm not afraid and I won't be torn apart We've had our time together Now I make my new beginnings I'll start again at any"
  • Foreigner Running The Risk
    "Seeing you, watching you Watching me I hold back my emotions I keep them veiled in secrecy I can't let go of this thing we've started Wasn't looking for love No conspiracy of the broken hearted I don't"
  • Foreigner I'm Gonna Win
    "Another dark night, in the city And my prospects lookin' thin The survival, of the fittest Is the law, in the world that I live in I was not born, to be a fighter But now's the time I have to learn To"
  • Foreigner Woman In Black
    "I knew the moment I walked through that door I felt so close to a burning sensation It got so warm as I moved across the floor My body achin' with anticipation I saw a dark silhouette at the table I tried"
  • Foreigner Girl On The Moon
    "It's night, again Time for my mind to go wandering Off on a journey, through space and time In search of a face I can never find So I close my eyes and look inside I can't forget The night that I saw"
  • Foreigner Crash & Burn
    "I always thought we were in control But our lives could never be what they were before There's a rhythm in our love Only you and I can feel it Outsiders in a world where passion is a crime So we conceal"

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