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Gogol Bordello, Through The Roof 'n' Underground

  • Guns On The Roof - The Clash
    "I swear by Almighty God To tell the whole truth And nothing but the truth Guns guns They torture all the women and children Then they've put the men to the gun 'Cos across the human frontier Freedom's"
  • Under One Roof - Bill Miller
    "Just an old house with stories of its own Takes me back to days gone by The colors have faded and the steps are made of stone An aging friend against the sky When I was a boy I grew to love this land"
  • Super Theory Of Super Everything - Gogol Bordello
    "First time I had read the Bible It had struck me as unwitty I think it may started rumor That the Lord ain't got no humor Put me inside SSC Let's test superstring theory Oh yoi yoi accelerate the protons stir"
  • Underground - Kristy Thirsk
    "(Thirsk) only now do i react to your cold sword giving me facts i need to pull it right through damage undo i feel let down, underground, underground i feel let down, underground, underground take your"
  • Madagascar-Roumania (Tu Jesty Fata) - Gogol Bordello
    "So now you tell me you are living in a country where joys and freedom they can not be tried but alone in your mind there are so many rooms that you never seem to find... there is a room where your toolbox"
  • Under One Roof - Rubettes
    "Billy ran away from his home to find away to live in peace His Mama didn't give a damn about him His Papa's on the run from the Police When Billy hit the city - the city hit Billy No one needs you when"
  • Underdog World Strike - Gogol Bordello
    "I am a foreigner and I'm walking through new streets But before I want to I see the same deeds Inherited by few a power machine That crushes you and strangles you Right in your sleep But be it me, or it's"
  • Let's Get Radical - Gogol Bordello
    "Good morning! Oh fuck... She says let's go to brighton beach And tap our foot to disco Just eat the food and tap the foot Vsjo budet korosho' That would be great fun of ironic kind For your self-collapsing"
  • Voi-La Intruder - Gogol Bordello
    "Here he comes right to your house not through door, right through the wall. He's a nomad and intruder Spilling merry on your floor What will now happen? Well it already did! And the table right in the"
  • Undestructable - Gogol Bordello
    "When I was younger I lived in fear That incarceration of some kind is near I checked my head in tact with rules I nearly became a goddamn fool But I've heard voices not in the head Out in the air they"

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