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  • Human Equation - Run Level Zero
    "Still drinking heavily, sweet taste of power The glass is half-full, no more happy hour The pain is true and high beyond all expectations It seems to end it all Feeling numb, hurt inside, beaten senseless Feed"
  • Emotion Devotion - Roy Drusky
    "To want and need you here with me and have to do without you (emotion) To be a part but with you constantly and never have to doubt you (emotion) There's can't be livin' like livin' should be It's too"
  • Gorefest - Gorefest
    "The deceased has been embalmed Made ready for the family The outside is still the same But that's only visually Formaldehyde been used The organs have been gone And the bucket of bowels Is what we'll dine"
  • Probably built in the fifties - The Gathering
    "I might be moving to the east to part my ways And I will try to get something I don't have yet If I do, I will look at it for days and days Untill I will never forget I have heard this mental search has"
  • Blood Ponies - Olivia Anna Livki
    "Hit it! Lisa really hated her first day at school Kinda makes her feel like they make her a fool At school Teacher said: It feels a little lonely Teachers ain’t friends Sax Ponies Your pink ponies Then"
  • No Man's Land - Barrett Syd
    "Barrett Syd Misc No Man's Land You would hold your head up high you even try you would hold another hand: oh understand! They even see me under call we under all, we awful, awful, crawl to hear my hour come"
  • Fly - Lamb
    "Take me away So far away I'm tired of looking over my shoulder The things I've done Weigh heavily They tie me down Won't let me go free Angels come and take me On silver wings Carry me up to the sky Angels"
  • Birth Of A Mile - Anatomy Of A Ghost
    "Never found our way out again cause to trace this blood trail is more than I can bear this is my spring I finally fixed the car floored out of here Ill found out who my friends are the ones waiting tomorrow"
  • Ghetto Klub? - Tricky
    "(This is supposed to be a cover of the special's song "Nite Klub" but it's almost entirely new lyrics, kinda like finley's "Sunday Shining" but totally different. The song was played heavily during his"
  • Greed Is A Disease - The Unseen
    "if you're sick and disease stricken the system's got a cure that you're not getting getting unless you're one of the elite and that's the only way that your illness can be beat with a nice insurance policy"

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