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  • Jan's Song - INXS
    "There's Jan calling from the rooftops She says she wants the world to hear Her people's needs their basic rights She shouts I'll make you understand What it is we're striving for A better deal across"
  • Old World New World - INXS
    "Natives wearing turquoise and silver Dirty dogs barking in the distance Ooooh people of a thousand tongues I'm learning the primitive rights I'm doing as the Roman's do Mt Kalais to Mt Everest Then down"
  • The Passenger - INXS
    "Music: Rickey Gardenier Lyrics: Iggy Pop (J. Osterberg) I am a passenger And I ride and I ride Ride through the city's back sides See stars come out of the sky Yeah the bright and hollow sky You know it"
  • Don't Change - INXS
    "I'm standing here on the ground The sky above won't fall down See no evil in all direction Resolution of happiness Things have been dark For too long Don't change for you Don't change a thing for me I"
  • We Are The Vegetables - INXS
    "Well I've got this feeling in the back of my head I feel like making someone's face turn red Learning bike's and ditto vices Try to look bored and your going places We are the vegetables We are the vegetables We"
  • Simple Simon - INXS
    "Simon found love, in love he thinks he found himself Only has a heart for her and her alone He walks down crowded streets and doesn't feel alone Oh, never alone Walks in space with his feet firmly on the"
  • Stay Young - INXS
    "Stay Stay Young Stay Young Stay Yo Stay Yong Stay Young Keep that biting lip Know what I mean Sweat upon the brow That's what I want Stay Young, just this once I ... wanna be good value I ... wanna"
  • Horizons - INXS
    "I Want to want to sail a boat across the sea Four winds four winds in the sails and in me See All the all the time I wasted from you Got to got to get so closer to you The Navigation of desire in"
  • Big Go Go - INXS
    "It's the way we walk down the road Without the care for the good news As the rain plays games with our feet Well I do hope it's not too free Everything's closed and I need a smoke A serious habit treat"
  • Underneath The Colours - INXS
    "No division in the ranks The lines are long and proud No question on their lips But there will always be doubt Like a chinese painting All red with it's message A flag high in the sky Twists and turns"

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