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Jann Arden Weeds

  • Will You Remember Me - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Will You Remember Me Will you remember me when I'm gone Will you remember me at all I tried to be kind, I tried to be good. Will you remember me God only knows why we try"
  • Willing To Fall Down - Jann Arden
    "Willing To Fall Down { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom } Holding you is like holding fire And it burns my hands, and it leaves me tired And it makes me run, trying to find some cover This"
  • A Perfect Day - Jann Arden
    "A Perfect Day { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom } You can do it I know you can, I know you will You can make it I know you can, get up the hill You can be anyone you want, just close your"
  • How God Things Are - Jann Arden
    "How Good Things Are { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom } I'm just living cause I'm obligated I keep trying cause I've got to get it right I pull the trigger but I hesitate Lying here beside"
  • Best Dress - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Best Dress drinking whiskey from an open toed shoe farm hand and an evening glove puttin?on a kiss that will last until dawn i'm going to town with my best dress on bare buttin?on"
  • Cherry Popsicle - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Cherry Popsicle i loved you more than anything i loved you more than anyone you were the peaches in my cream you were my setting sun you were my favorite hockey card you"
  • Gasoline - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Gasoline Hold out your heart and on it let the sun shine down Open your mind and through it let the wisdom pour Give me your word and I will give you all my trust Give me a"
  • Give Me Back My Heart - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Give Me Back My Heart Give me back my heart It was never mine to give away I'ts been taken apart One too many times And now the pieces won't fit into place The truth is,"
  • Good Mother - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Good Mother I've got money in my pocket I like the color of my hair I've got a friend who loves me Got a house, I've got a car I've got a good mother and her voice is what"
  • Hangin' By A Thread - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Hangin' By A Thread When I cry, I close my eyes And every tear falls down inside And I pray with all my might that I will find my heart in someone's arms When I cry, cry When"

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