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Jihn Hiatt

  • One More Time - John Hiatt
    "Mama's in the bathroom Waitin' to be saved Papa's in the bedroom Just diggin' up his grave Brother's in the kitchen Playin' with a knife Sister's in the attic Just laughin' at her life CHORUS: And"
  • Smiling In The Rain - John Hiatt
    "The fallen angel shivers underneath the August moon The lady of the house goes up in ashes He crawled out through the future but the past came back too soon And the present just occurs in sudden flashes "
  • I'm Tired Of Your Stuff - John Hiatt
    "You been slippin' around a bit You been sayin' things that just don't fit You been handin' me the same old line About the proper place and the proper time You been tellin' me a bunch of lies I bet"
  • My Dog And Me - John Hiatt
    "she marked our trail up the back bone ridge how many times can one dog pee she keeps me high as an eagle when i'm on the skids i guess you gotta come down eventually CHORUS ONE: buddy i coulda"
  • Almost Fed Up With The Blues - John Hiatt
    "i wake up with my head and hand i wish i was another man 'Cause i almost fed up with the blues i think about the kitchen sink then i just shudder to think 'Cause I'm almost fed up with the Blues CHORUS"
  • Friend Of Mine - John Hiatt
    "Friend of mine Has gone away Like a light from yesterday Lost in space Somewhere they say This friend of mine He could sing Like a child A mother's dream So sweet and mild Or big and mean Loud"
  • Mile High - John Hiatt
    "I wouldn't trade your sweetness For all the sugar in the world Girl, and I know you'll always be The sweetest part of me These bitter tears we've cried All of the smack in Manhattan Could not"
  • Something Wild - John Hiatt
    "Sometimes I dont even move a muscle Baby when you lie awake at night I think I've got nine lives in these corpuscles Girl, you know sometimes I dont think right I hear voices in the hall I wake"
  • Learning How To Love You - John Hiatt
    "I'm 34 years old now And I've come to you Baby I don't even know how I got through From the first kiss in the schoolyard 'Til the last heart broke in two I didn't know it would be so hard Learning"
  • The Usual - John Hiatt
    "I'm trippin over dumb drunks at a party Girlfriend just ran off with the DJ I give her everything, but she refused it It doesn't matter, she don't know how to use it My confidence is dwindling Look"

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