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Khayden kross

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Khayden kross
  • Redd Kross Follow The Leader
    "You've got to look deep inside Because it's the safest place to hide Outside there is a battle One that i'll miss if you don't tattle Follow the leader Follow the leader Follow the leader Follow I'm"
  • Redd Kross Saragon
    "Get it on now Saragon Retarded man of steel (get it on) Get it on now Saragon How did you know just how I feel He is a lonely boy Take a look and you will see (you will see) He found a girl so pretty Like"
  • Redd Kross Deuce
    "Get up And get your grandma outta here Get up Jimmy's workin' hard this year And baby Do the things he says to do (do it) Baby, if you're feeling good And baby if you're feeling nice You know your man"
  • Redd Kross Popular Cult
    "His words they always seems to come out right TV, CD players are on all night Yes, life is so much better Will this feeling last forever We belong Do we belong Popular is what I want to see Popular"
  • Redd Kross Citadel
    "Men are armed shout who goes there We have journeyed far from here Peyote buttons make us care Candy and taffy, hope we both are well Please come see me in the citadel Flags are flying, dollar bills From"
  • Redd Kross Out Of My Tree
    "Everything looks So different today I know you cannot See things my way It's hard - feels so far It's the worst trip That I have been on I am feeling now Way too far gone Alone - here at home I'm out"
  • Redd Kross Ann
    "You took my power and you broke my will You made me shiver with a real thrill You took my power and you walked on by Down the road to the wild song I looked into your cruel cruel eyes I felt so fine,"
  • Redd Kross Mckenzie
    "McKenzie baby you blew your mind Like mine with mine We could not find You got it back Baby got it back Everyone here all looks to you To show us all just what to do Got it back, baby got it back ... oooooh"
  • Redd Kross Whatcha Doin' To That Girl
    "The time is right You've got to make your break Get out and get away from him Playing moog in his rock and roll band Isn't worth the pain He puts you in Do you curse the day (Do you curse the day) It"
  • Redd Kross Bubblegum Factory
    "She knew this day would finally come She had to find something that would save her She had been on the edge too long Until she found something that would escalate her Soaring high so far above Maybe even"

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