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  • Cover Me With Kisses - Kylie Minogue
    "Jump back, tell a friend Ooh la la la Ooh la la la Ooh la la la I want a movie moment We're so in love it hurts And I'd be the main attraction Everybody's favourite girl Wanna be in Gucci dresses I"
  • A Thousand Kisses Deep - Leonard Cohen
    "The ponies run, the girls are young, The odds are there to beat. You win a while, and then its done Your little winning streak. And summoned now to deal With your invincible defeat, You live your life"
  • A 1,000 Hugs & Kisses - Prince
    "Ohh, ah, yeah U work so hard, U really do I don't think that anyone could ever work as hard as U Hot desert sun, U can feel the heat Every drop of sweat on your brow is what I am so U best believe (Chorus:) I"
  • Punish Me With Kisses - Bird York
    "The bed is ice, you lie when you say your tired. Your back is turned, injured, you choose to bleed in silence feel me up against your masquerade Make me pay for my crime another way punish me with"
  • Cover You In Kisses - Montgomery John Michael
    "You say it's cold back there in Denver A foot of new snow on the ground You're all bundled up in blankets I'd give anything to be there with you now CHORUS I'd cover you in kisses Hold you in my arms That's"
  • Kisses In The Wind - Faye Wong
    "You told me one misty day That you'll never go away The look in your eyes I'm so afraid Deep in a spell feels like a spinning carousel Are they just kisses in the wind? One day in the morning rain You"
  • Kisses In A Box - Katy Rose
    "I left kisses on your front stoop So you could find them on your way home And wear them at a party where I'd be your guest With your soul spinning langfuidly in the warmth of your chest You try to remember"
  • A million kisses late - Matt Dusk
    "Didn't know how much I loved her I'll never know what might have been I'd give anything to hold her And have her back again I never should'a let her go So many things I should'a let her know Should'a held"
  • Kisses - Sergio Mendes
    "Kisses waking us up deep in the night Like dreaming Kisses taking us softly in flight Like drifting Shadows hiding us under a shawl Like falling Kisses wandering over us all Like loving Kisses"
  • Kisses - Tracy Bonham
    "She'll suck the living down to size three She'll suck the living and she'll kill me Necks are crooked and it's time to sing Her beak's wide open at the sound of wings Oh, I Oh, I Oh, I Oh, I She"

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