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Kristina Bach -Hey, ich such

  • Lose Yourself Vs Mundian To Bach Ke Rahi - Eminem
    "{With Lose Urself Intro Solo - Eminem:} look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment would you capture it, just let it slip, yo {With Mundian to bach"
  • Bach Is Dead - The Residents
    "Bach is dead Bach is dead Bach is dead Bach is dead Walking women want to see The Southern Cross at night And so they set aside a sock And tie their laces tight Yes mournful is the melody That echoes in"
  • Den Bach Runtergehn - Heinz Rudolf Kunze
    "Im Asphalt sind Befehle die lesen deine Rder wenn du drberrollst. Sie funktionieren wie Hypnose: Beim Fahren lernst du was du tun und lassen sollst. Tausend gierige Priester durchkmmen unsre Stdte nach"
  • Melodia di Bach - Marco Borsato
    "Solo un instante insieme a teAccende un fuoco dentro meCon le emozioni che sai darmiI tuoi occhi e la tua voceVivono in meFondo sogni e realtIn un momento di felicit per noi Sentire un ciao amore come"
  • Such a hard time - Emmanuelle Seigner
    "All I want is a little space I turn around and you in my face Why are you giving me such a hard time tonight, tonight, tonight can’t relax cause you’re too intense you criticize and you make no sense Why"
  • Such A Small Love - Scott Walker
    "Mist falls and his voice cracks from the morning Flowers and my body feels like lead Someone should have stopped the birds from singing today Hammers from striking nails into clay Her face penetrates"
  • Such As It Was - Joy Electric
    "And what of all of these moments? Years have made us all opponents Works we set out to create Are gone or have deteriorated From what was young and lighthearted I've become as one departed To you"
  • Such A Sick Boy - One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
    "My Daddy's got a shotgun An arsenal of human disease He taught me how to shoot To trigger the double barrel monster An invitation to downfall A shiny error in evolution The kid of the new world Killed"
  • Such Is A Mystery - Cliff Richard
    "Let the day fall all around you And let the breath of life surround you What a day it should be a holiday And these lazy days are hard to come by Here for our pleasure,a moment to treasure Stay with me"
  • Dickie's Such An Asshole - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (guitar, vocals) Mike Keneally (guitar, synthesizer, vocals) Bobby Martin (keyboards, vocals) Ed Mann (percussion) Walt Fowler (trumpet) Bruce Fowler (trombone) Paul"

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