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Leonard Cohen,

  • That Don't Make It Junk - Leonard Cohen
    "I fought against the bottle, But I had to do it drunk Took my diamond to the pawnshop But that dont make it junk. I know that Im forgiven, But I dont know how I know I dont trust my inner feelings Inner"
  • Here It Is - Leonard Cohen
    "Here is your crown And your seal and rings; And here is your love For all things. Here is your cart, And your cardboard and piss; And here is your love For all of this. May everyone live, And may everyone"
  • Fingerprints - Leonard Cohen
    "I touched you once too often Now I don't know who I am My fingerprints were missing When I wiped away the jam Yes I called my fingerprints all night But they don't seem to care The last time that"
  • Love Itself - Leonard Cohen
    "The light came through the window, Straight from the sun above, And so inside my little room There plunged the rays of Love. In streams of light I clearly saw The dust you seldom see, Out of which the"
  • By The Rivers Dark - Leonard Cohen
    "By the rivers dark I wandered on. I lived my life in Babylon. And I did forget My holy song: And I had no strength In Babylon. By the rivers dark Where I could not see Who was waiting there Who was hunting"
  • Alexandra Leaving - Leonard Cohen
    "Suddenly the night has grown colder. The god of love preparing to depart. Alexandra hoisted on his shoulder, They slip between the sentries of the heart. Upheld by the simplicities of pleasure, They gain"
  • You Have Loved Enough - Leonard Cohen
    "I said Id be your lover. You laughed at what I said. I lost my job forever. I was counted with the dead. I swept the marble chambers, But you sent me down below. You kept me from believing Until you let"
  • Why Don't You Try - Leonard Cohen
    "Why don't you try to do without him? Why don't you try to live alone? Do you really need his hands for your passion? Do you really need his heart for your throne? Do you need his labour for your baby?"
  • There Is A War - Leonard Cohen
    "There is a war between the rich and poor, a war between the man and the woman. There is a war between the ones who say there is a war and the ones who say there isn't. Why don't you come on back to"
  • A Singer Must Die - Leonard Cohen
    "Now the courtroom is quiet, but who will confess. Is it true you betrayed us? The answer is Yes. Then read me the list of the crimes that are mine, I will ask for the mercy that you love to decline."

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