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Looking aufwiderzehn

  • Looking In - Savoy Brown
    "Simmonds/Peverett-Chrysalis Music Ltd. I'm looking in from the outside I wish my mind could read the score Some day a door will open Then I'll know then I'll see What I'm striving for If I could"
  • Looking Philosophical - Des'ree
    "I like the meaning of your name Are you aware, are you the same? It goes with your eyes, your sentiment, I like your name, Ezekiel You're so serene it makes me mad You're never down, ain't never sad"
  • Looking Back - Andre Matos
    "I thought you'd last forever But like a star, you never would A stairway to the rainbow I wish that I knew Your silhouette surrounds me I miss the way things used to be Your voice floats in the wind How"
  • Looking Back - Heaven's Gate
    "Did you ever know that I was dreaming Someone elses dream now it's too late No matter what I do now there's no healing 'cause I suffer, suffer anyway Do you know the feeling when you're falling Do you"
  • Looking In - Mariah Carey
    "You look at me and see the girl Who lives inside the golden world But don't believe That's all there is to see You'll never know the real me She smiles through a thousand tears And harbours adolescent"
  • Looking Inwardly - The Chameleons UK
    "I delve into myself,ceaselessly Oh but i rarely see,what i want to see Embracing the future,forgetting the past Loves,loss and misfortune The chaos and the crass Crass I'm wary of you, but you're oblivious"
  • Looking Up - Autopilot Off
    "You figured this should be natural. It's just what you need but too much keeps getting in your way. You know it's never that easy. You know it always gets complicated. Now you're frantic, suspicious, and"
  • Stop Looking - Papa Roach
    "Hit or miss, fuck a fight It's time to live your life Go ahead, I know I'm right I'm gonna lay it on the line Put yourself in my shoes Would you stand up for your rights Line em up and knock em down"
  • Looking Out - Two Nice Girls
    "(Laurie Freelove) It's a type it's a kind It's a loan of love Looky here this ticker bare A heart on loan for love If anyone took a bite There'd be none to spare Cooler now come about Don't turn your face"
  • Looking Glass - La's
    "Tell me where I'm going... Tell me where I'm bound... Turn the pages over Turn the world around Open up the broken door for all lost will be found Walk into the empty room but never make a sound Oh tell"

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