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Luca silence

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Luca silence
  • National Health Silence
    ""The rest is silence" With this her letters all begin She remembers numbers The message that his code was in She re-numbers members To look like parts of other men In its humid hollow His tongue will find"
  • Abydos Silence
    "One word in the cold Can bid you a part of their closet We call it the unseen room Discovered with a breath I can say we are not alone They imitate our noises Of cracking deals and screaming floors To"
  • Matt Pond PA Silence
    "i turned out backwards you turn with me inside a basement bedroom descent is seldom clean we'll climb into attics look down on the streets we stayed up through the seasons words cannot compete and our"
  • Stefan Eicher Silence
    "Je ne dis pas ces mots Que tu veux entendre Je mets seulement ma bouche Sur ta bouche Dehors cette lourde pluie Qui m'attend Si sombre et si dure Il y a des moments O c'est mieux De ne pas toucher Le"
  • Primal Fear Silence
    "So cold is the night It's silent without light Since days they promised us To be home again The Death comes closer The Fear's coming nearer to us There will be no tomorrow, Do we go insane? I have a"
  • Suspect Zero Silence
    "silence in an artificial way they played chess with your houses and the play went too far and riots don't come easier today our hopes and illusions been bombed down in your war go! go! silence in an"
  • Front Line Assembly Silence
    "(lyrics written and sung by Sarah McLachlan) Give me release Witness me I am outside Give me peace Heaven holds a sense of wonder And I wanted to believe that I'd get caught up When the rage in me subsides Passion"
  • Enchant Silence
    "The words you say:they break me Conversation takes me to a new low Can't cope - hide me, false hope - remind me Say no more, for your words: They cut me like knives If there's virtue in silence, say no"
  • Tara MacLean Silence
    "Say the words break my heart Touch my lips with your fingers and push them apart put your hands in my hair and pull me down well you're nothing but a stranger to me now 'Cause I'm long past feeling and"
  • System Of A Down Silence
    "In an arrested silence, We plead to our insane gods,And their voices in our heads, Like the silence in the woods,To stop appeasing manAnd his cruel culture of global economic domination.The balance remains"

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