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Marquess - Arriba');

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Marquess - Arriba');
  • Marquess Still take care of you
    "I wanna go Home, but I don't know where it is 'cause the Day you told me that leave and you took your Love away. Said it's Time to face the Truth. Some new Identities. But I still love the Way that you"
  • Marquess All the girls
    "You?ve found another place to hide You tell me I still hurt your pride And summer shines all through your hair But love is cold cause you?re not there There is a burning in my heart Cause you?re afraid"
  • Marquess As long as she smiles
    "I can see her lying next to me In red lace Like an angel on a silverscreen Her face Shes seduction in the 3rd degree I know Tempt me once And thats enough For my soul Chorus: As long as she smiles I can"
  • Marquess Charlie's letter
    "When he realised that persuasion would not go far enough he fell back on bare knuckles and played it painful and rough there was a feeling that was gone with the girl that he kissed ?cause all the things"
  • Marquess Computer knows
    "If she's gonna stay in bed all day If she's gonna leave you come what may Many questions - many answers too Computer knows and tells her what to do Press YES: credit card number Press YES: enter your name"
  • Marquess Crazy april
    "She was born in a Hi-class family Golden things embraced her Body when she was three "Little Princess tell me How rich you wanna be?" - A crown made out of time I don't think she was bad - just ignorant"
  • Marquess Summerrain
    "You can push this amazing day Through the clouds standing in my way You make heaven on earth today When the sky is so dark and blue You make 1000 pains look a few You can make all my dreams come true Chorus:"
  • Marquess Superstar
    "Since you've been hanging out with guys like him you?ve started to betray yourself (yeah) he tells everything you want to hear and then he leaves you on the shelf (yeah) he turns you on and nothing on"
  • Marquess That's all
    "She walks alone She has no home Guess everybody has their cross He needs to drink Dont want to think bout all the poetry thats lost Chorus: For those who think that life is gone For those who think there"
  • Marquess Electronic lady
    "Come baby - come baby Prettiest girl so lonely Come baby - come baby I wanna be with you Come baby - come baby Why don't you press this button Come baby - come baby I'll show ou what we'll do Tell me why"

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