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Miami Collabo

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Miami Collabo
  • Bette Midler Only In Miami
    "Walking along the beach last night who do you think I spy? A girl with ebony fire eyes. Soft and low do she cry. Now what could be such a source of pain? I so boldly inquire. Pointing finger Havana way, these"
  • Ray Charles Moon Over Miami
    "Moon over miami,Shine on my love and me,So we can stroll beside the roll,Of the rolling sea.Moon over miami,Shine on as we begin,A dream or two that may come true,When the tide comes in.Hark to the song"
  • Keith Whitley Miami, My Amy
    "Well, everybody talks about the California quakes But the first time I ever felt the earth shake Was in Miami When Amy touched me Aw, it shook me I told her I loved her and I wanted to stay But she said,"
  • Pitbull Welcome To Miami
    "Pitbull slash Q-Bon Yo One time for Heavy Management, Baja Pantie Them 6 - 7 Boys Welcome to Miami where them boys used to touch tourists on a daily basis Duck charges therefore hardly caught cases This"
  • Against All Authority Livin' In Miami
    "He didnt fit in, he always felt rejected. His father him him and made him feel infected. He got a bottle it seemed to take the pain away. Only 15, but he didnt know any other way. Always searchin, never"
  • Against All Authority Living In Miami
    "He didn't fit in he always felt rejected His father hit him and made him feel defective He got a bottle It seemed to take the pain away He's only 15 and he don't know any other way Always searching, never"
  • Kali Uchis MIAMI (FEAT. BIA)
    "I can feel it in the air Miami How you pay off all them bills oh, her panties when I was just a little girl has my sight set on a bigger world got myself a Visa And started catching flights to where the"
  • Jim Jones Summer wit' Miami
    "See rap music is subliminalBut the music for us is like our own diarySomething like a confessionThey tell me 'life is a bitch'She's something like the seasons, just like mother natureShe comes and goes"
  • Owl City Swimming In Miami
    "Im alone above the atmosphere And no one looking up can find me here Cause I can close my eyes, and disappear When I climb the stairs to watch the sun Above station walls, the colors run To fill the swimming"
  • Pitbull Culo (Miami Mix)
    "(feat. Lil Jon & Mr. Vegas) (Intro - Lil' Jon (Pitbull)) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Lets go (Let's go) Right about now, we need all the ladies to hit the danceflo' (Dominicana) If you got a big ol'"

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