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Mika i do

  • I Do - Bat For Lashes
    "Tomorrow you will ask me If I do And sorrow will drop away Like … form a flower in blue Yes, I do! You see, I do Tomorrow you will take me Feel bride Another gray sky will blow away We forever feel … When"
  • I Do - Nina
    "I can sense what you've been thinking You wanna know if what I feel Is undoubtedly the real thing Does your touch give me chills If you think I have no interest In the things you say and do Baby if you"
  • I Do - Colbie Caillat
    "It's always been about me myself and I If all relationships were nothing but a waste of time I never wanted to be anybody’s other half I was happy to say that our love wouldn’t last That was the only way"
  • Do I - Kajagoogoo
    "All caught up in a crazy dance Living on rhythm and circumstance All washed up can't you see That's your problem Make a change in our hum-drum lives To re-awake and realize We're all living on a time bomb That's"
  • I Do - Edie Brickell
    "People pointing finger painting the world Leaving me their silouette on my life And I'm filling in the negative space with positively everything I do, I do And it's all because of you I do, I do And it's"
  • I Do - Boyz II Men
    "hooo ooo oooo ooooo yea yea yea I'm telling the world here and now, That I'm gonna love you and love you I take this vow You captured my heart So long ago Still there are some critical things That you"
  • I Do - Andrea Corr
    "I want an open chariot, black horses and shiny shoes. An off white vintage lacy gown, I've Juliets hand me downs. But Romeo ain't my lover and all that really matters is Hey, I love you, hey I love you,"
  • I do - Uncle Kracker
    "You spend your lonely days lookin' for someone I just wanna be the one that makes your river run I know it ain't so fun bein all alone And I know you wonder when you'll find yourself a home You ain't foolin'"
  • I Do - Placebo
    "I want to be much more like you Your effortlessly graceful scene That drips from every pore of you Where logic cannot intervene I want to take a bath with you And wash the chaos from my skin I want to"
  • I do - 98 Degrees
    "I do, I do, I do, I do All I am, all I'll be Everything in this world All that I'll ever need Is in your eyes Shining at me When you smile I can feel All my passion unfolding Your hand brushes mine And"

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