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Molotov Jukebox

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Molotov Jukebox
  • Joe Diffie Bubba Shot The Jukebox
    "We were all down at Margie's Bar Telling stories if we had one Someone fired the ol' jukebox up The song it sure was a sad one Teardrop rolled down Bubba's nose From the pain the song was inflicting And"
  • Trembling Blue Stars Abba On The Jukebox
    "Land's End at dusk A day of churches Her getting her hair cut A windswept walk to Dunnet Head Boarding a north-bound train at Inverness A rainy Cley-next-the-Sea Her swinging on a tyre Me taking her picture A"
  • Hank Williams Jr. Stoned At The Jukebox
    "Just as long as I can keep a lot a friends around me, Oh, it helps to keep a worried mind occupied. I do alright till dark of night surrounds me, Then I think of her and then I cry. Lord, there's a cold"
  • Flirts Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)
    "So I saw you in the pizza place You were with another girl It was a crime it was such a disgrace You really shattered my world Little things remind me of you Cheap cologne and that damn song too Don't"
  • Porter Wagoner Turn The Jukebox Up Louder
    "This smoke filled barroom just suits one fine Just what I need dear to get you off of my mind I'd be so happy if they'd leave us alone I'd stop my drinking pack my bags and go home Turn the jukebox up"
  • Danni Leigh If the jukebox took teardrops
    "If the jukebox took teardrops And the whiskey was free If that ol' car in the parking lot Drove home automatically If every night 'neath the honky tonk lights Didn't start those memories Wouldn't it be"
  • Eddie Rabbit Two dollars in the jukebox
    "Ive GotTwo dollars in the jukebox,And five dollars in a bottle,And ten more just in case that dont do the trick!And Ill bedead broke tomorrow morning,With heart-aches by the dozen,And a lady on my mind"
  • Charley Pride Happiest Song On The Jukebox
    "Play the happiest song on the jukebox cause that's the way I'm feeling tonight Play the happiest song and I'll be headin' home To an angel waitin' there to hold me tight I used to think this barroom had"
  • Norma Jean I Heard The Jukebox Playing
    "You said that you'd be happy with a baby on your knees But here I sit with him in my arms and you're slippin' around on me You thought that you're worth bein' wise when you called me on the phone And you"
  • Mike Ness Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing
    "Oh let the jukebox keep on playing. Let that record roll aroud. Let my baby keep on sayin' she's the lonesome gal in town. Let her know that I'll be waiting till my lonely days are through, let the jukebox"

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