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  • System Of A Down Pizza Pie
    "The ball game's in the refridgerator, Doors close, Light's are out, Butter's getting hard! Want a splendid pie, Pizza-pizza pie, Every minute, every second, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. Want a splendid pie, Pizza-pizza"
  • System Of A Down Bubbles
    "This ballgames in the refrigerator The door closed The lights are out And the butters getting hard What a splendid pie Pizza pizza pie Every minute, every second Buy buy buy buy buy What a splendid pie Pizza"
  • Faith And The Muse Frater Ave Atque Vale
    "(Words written by Tennyson, 1883) Row us out to Desenzano, to your Sirmione row So they rowed, and there we landed O Venusta Sirmio There to me through all the groves of olive in the summer glow There"
  • Foals Neptune
    "now it’s time to go from the white wards of England where the crows line the rivers and roads I wanna walk where I know through the olive groves he sky that knows my name it gave me away the magnolia"
  • System Of A Down Chick'n Stew
    "This ballgame's in the refridgerator, The door is closed, The lights are out, And the butter's getting hard. What a splendid pie, Pizza-pizza pie, Every minute, every second,Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, What"
  • The Yardbirds Spanish Blood
    "(Jim McCarty) (All words spoken) She lived alone, Her eyes had seen many lovers and many sunsets, And then they reflected the sunrise. Reddish-black hair flowed upon her freckled brown shoulders, And"
  • Reverend Horton Heat It's Martini Time
    "Hey, buddy do you got the time? No I don't got a watch can you spare a dime, But I got two olives and a couple of limes, Guessin' that means it's martini time. The Martinis that brought you the loss, I"
  • Spitfire A Glance At Quintessence
    "manifest love absent of hindrance desire strips me of direction manifest love absent of hindrance 60 seconds it's clear again it's real again it's clear again olive nights strip me (of hope) times"
  • The Creatures Strolling Wolf
    "At dusk, though wheat field Through the olive groves and vineyards Insects like aeroplanes fly past the strolling man Crackling spike plant hovering hawk All on the ground alive Take a swig of moonshine"
  • Blink The Star Soldier Iii
    "Soldier one we die alone Mother sings the same old song And I am solder 3 alive My big brother is causality Solider one must die alone Mother cries the same old song A we are soliders 4 alive Oour big"

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