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  • Hollow - Pantera
    "What's left inside him? Don't he remember us? Can't he believe me? We seemed like bothers Talked for hours last month About what we wanna be I sit now with his hand in mine But I know he can't feel... No"
  • Psycho Holiday - Pantera
    "Empty and sweating Head lying in your hands Shaking in the corner Done too much alcohol Gotta get away from it all 'Cause it feels my blood is freezing My self insanity has taken its toll Frustration has"
  • Heresy - Pantera
    "Here we are In a world of corruption Human nature is Of violent breed Who cares if there's no tomorrow When I die for my future's Laid out for me Can't you see? Rise above the lies Morals on a backwards"
  • Domination - Pantera
    "Agony is the price That you'll pay in the end Domination consumes you Then calls you a friend It's a twisted fall binds are like steel And manipulates the will to be And it's hard to see How soon we forget When"
  • Shattered - Pantera
    "It's storming broken glass, corpses left in piles Ungracious bludgeonmnet that breaks the earth for miles Nothing can stop it, the day has come, from below it's catastrophic Freezing, there's no healing"
  • Clash With Reality - Pantera
    "Sometimes I know I feel untouchable Drowning in life Caught up in the accessible back down the ground I hear the sound there's no escapeThe concrete cloud Spilling on me Drenching me with Laymen's sins I"
  • Medicine Man - Pantera
    "Many distant miles away Past the shores of ever dark There stays a magic man Who bears an evil mark He helps all concerned Those who come again return Injecting lies while fires burn The devil's heart With"
  • Message In Blood - Pantera
    "There's a place that I keep deep inside me It can trigger my mind All along I knew it has been with me Since I was just a child I just summon power within my soul It has given me life, beyond life I take blame"
  • The Art Of Shredding - Pantera
    "Unity is a rare thing blind eyes of society bring The category of minority Now what are we supposed to be? born free to be Powerless to change the world With our lives in the hands of madmen Now in times"
  • Rock The World - Pantera
    "In these times Of confusion and sin We must redeem Our human ways This force that Fights to live Will fight Till it dies And rise again To save the day WE ALL ROCK THE WORLD WE ALL ROCK THE WORLD The"

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