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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania

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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania
  • Rilo Kiley Science Vs. Romance
    "i used to think if i could realize i'd die then i would be a lot nicer used to believe in a lot more now i just see straight ahead that's not to say i don't have good times but as for my days i spend"
  • The Spinto Band Spy Vs. Spy
    "I'm alone at night and I just wanna hold you tight, But you're away from me, And I'm alone most days see things I wonder what you'd say if you'd agree with me, If you'd agree with me, Give my hand"
  • Vendetta Red Cardboard Vs. Fire
    "screaming kamasutra at the brothel we walk alone because we walk the line never should repeat a rattled message deprived us of the rights to exercise dig too deep and you'll be digging your own grave like"
  • River City High Us vs. Them
    "Taking advice from a 4 a.m. delirium just ain't right. All the problems of a Monday night become Friday's dream. As Friday's always gleam. As out of reach as it may seem. Not about to let your thoughts"
  • Rifles At Recess Heroes vs. Harlots
    "heroes,harlots,habits.decieve another heart in this waking hour. i will die again before breath. before scars heal you must bleed.cast my doubt in every sunrise and make this day remember the night as"
  • Miss Conduct Sinner Vs Sinned
    "What do you take me for? Nothing is real anymore You listen to yourself In the most persistic ways Just live your life Anyway you can Believe it's real and you will go far Or die alone And I'll smile along Singing"
  • Laakso Italy Vs Helsinki
    "Oh, let's go to Milano It's fashion week, and so am I Weak, in need of love Any love, from anyone Oh no, come with me to Helsinki Where the streets are wide, and so am I Wide open for love Any love, from"
  • The Fall Spectre Vs Rector
    "MR James be born be born Yog Sothoth rape me lord Sludge hai choi (blah blah) MR James be born be born Yog Sothoth rape me lord Van Greenway (blah blah) Sludge hai choi (blah blah) Part one: spectre"
  • Lemon Demon Zander Vs. Crunchy
    "Crunchy: Chimy-changa. Feel my anga' See my wrath like a cartoon manga Did you catch my drift Bambino? I'm defective as a bottle of Beano You're in my casino now Biatch! Spin the wheel and wiatch As I"
  • Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Jack Vs. Jose
    "Heavy breath Well I stepped off the bus in Memphis And stumbled into the first saloon I could find I bellied-up to the rail and summoned my barkeep I ordered up tequila, some salt and a lime And she"

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