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  • The Darkest Flame - Primordial
    "You... gave me strenght to carry on You... pass all wordly troubles unto me You... gave my time meaning You... left your sorrow for my soul I love you I need you I want you I live you I am you I... layed"
  • The Fires... - Primordial
    "Funeral winds... caress the flame The naked fire that soothes my flesh In darkness I can ask for little more Then a Samhain fire to lead the dead Nocturnal everslumber procession A gathering of such ancient"
  • The Heretics Age - Primordial
    "Soiled hands of work, to pit a Nations Fall Skeletal hands upon the coffers of the Old World Ghosts of Men, re-writing history Red ink, from the well of Martyrdom Words to drip from the Traitors Tongues Waging"
  • The Soul Must Sleep - Primordial
    ""I have crossed the seas, I have left cities behind me, and I have followed the source of rivers towards their source or plunged into forests, always making for other cities. I have had women, I have"
  • To Enter Pagan - Primordial
    "Moonlight bathes my heart The birds sing my serenade The trees are whispering my Name... my name Dark romanticism, of a Kind seen no more... Lament my name when I am Gone... remember me These years of"
  • What Sleeps Within - Primordial
    "My Faith is written in my blood And my gods within my Image I stand within the Sun unblinking And Rise within it's Rays It is not enough to kindle the Fire One must be the Fire It is not enough to Face"
  • Caricature - Neuraxis
    "Increase your burden, decrease the results, by taking yourself too seriously When you feel important - energy is lost The work is primordial - the self is not Self-glorification - ridiculous Exalted ego"
  • Panic - Death SS
    "I'm about to enter Hell The razor's edge of human sense I'm not a fool, I'm not a saint I'm the shaman, the medicine man I can fall down like a dog Then I fly high like a hawk I'm the Devil and I'm God I'm"
  • Veil Of Maya - Cynic
    "Self is the universe, not separate The state before the fall into self consciousness Nothing is himeself, everything is world CHORUS Primordial egg returns Consciousness unborn Pre-personal perfection Bliss's"
  • Dawn Patrol - Megadeth
    "Thermal count is rising In perpetual writhing The primordial ooze And the sanity they lose Awakened in the morning To more air pollution warnings Still we sleepwalk off to work While our nervous"

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