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  • System Slut - Skeletal Earth
    "Up and down the ladder Never a secure spot Sucking for that identity Same old slut Paint your best face Your sole reliance You're a little worn Crawling to the business giants Kiss ass and lie to the man"
  • The system - Ateed
    "(day one) stuck in a prison of illusions got my hands in someone elses chains (day two) its so fake and empty outside need to find the pureness of a life (day three) soul inside gotta grow otherwise Im"
  • Sound System - Steel Pulse
    "Dig the music Mr. DJ Sound system (sound system) Heavy rhythm Disco jive, conquer I no. Sound system (sound system) Juke box jive can't cramp I style. Sock it to me sister Move and mash it mama Feel the"
  • System 605 - Mike Batt
    "System 605I was born number 17,Romeo Delta 59,System 605,Unit 91.But you can call me Ralph;My friends do.And you can come and meet my mother,Any day you like,On system 605,Unit 91.She cooks a mean hamburger,She"
  • Star System - Banlieue Rouge
    "Vent de panique, Odeur de scandale Une star synthtique Aux apparences glaciales... Importe peu l'thique, Les positions sociales Ce ne sont que dsirs lubriques Sur fond pop musical Rebels de carton Pour"
  • System Utopia - Ring Of Fire
    "[2002 Boalsongs BMI / Gildon Music BMI / Eyes on the Prize BMI] On the sea of clouds On the shores of heaven From the north to the south To the portals of time On a desert isle On a untouched mountain On"
  • Sound System - Operation Ivy
    "Sound system gonna bring me back up (yeah) one thing that i can depend on sound system gonna bring be back up (right) one thing that i can depend on try to describe it to the limit of my ability its there"
  • System Crack - Rakraczej
    "System Crack Mozę to nie dno układu pokarmowego Ale widok stad z edukacją nie ma nic wspólnego Świadomi i tak wiedzą Czują ziom Maszyna Nie zobaczy jak na chwile zresetują ja Krytyczne myślenie już nie"
  • System Breakdown - Elusive
    "I'm on the last reason I've got a trembling mind Spent a long time To get it right I'm a growing hole In a small world I've come a long way To see it burn Through the hours of strangers and sorrow This"
  • Limbic System - Rootwater
    "my life is simple I response to stimulus I am just to be obedient - to open my eyes The stream of energy will come into my mind I'll do what they will tell me to do Mass Media Attacks the Limbic System no"

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