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Psycho couple prszejmujemy tik toka

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Psycho couple prszejmujemy tik toka
  • Digital Underground Odd Couple
    "(Humpty Hump) Good googily goo Look what the cat dragged in The mack's back in, we snap-crack in We got the jokes for you Uh, look who the Hump bumped into The old one-two, rhyme sayer, the paper"
  • Psycho Realm Psycho City Blocks
    "We came to drop these styles; it's no shock We rock 'til the cops come and knock non-stop We come from psycho cities and blocks We're raisedby gunshots low life in hip hop Despite the rules I choose"
  • Wac Toja n Matheo TIK TAK (Puya)
    "ty jak pinacolada w dłoniach słodka trzęś tym pijana jak panacocta rozsiewa zapach po ludziach i gościach rozstawiasz ich w obrożach po kątach dusza za kratami jak barbery uczucia, nadzieje znów na hajs"
  • The Adicts The Odd Couple
    "OOH OOH She came from France, wah wah oo. She taught me how to dance, wah wah oo. She started with the Tango and then it was the Pogo. OOH she wore all black, Me in a white suit, and bowler hat. We didn't"
  • Lee Ann Womack One's A Couple
    "Thanks but no thanks I didn't come here to dance I'm with somebody I'm afraid I'll have to pass Two years ago he left me Now his memory's back around One's a couple baby, two's a crowd We came in here"
  • Yung Joc A Couple Grand
    "Chorus a couple gran, price tag on ya head leave ya layin were ya stand a couple gran, price tag on ya head, on ya head, on ya head a couple gran, price tag on ya head, price tag on ya head a couple"
  • Sesame Street Couple Of Grouches
    "We are a couple of grouches Singing a wonderful song Some of the notes are just perfect But some of the notes are all wrong! La la-la la-la-la La la-la la-la-la La la-la la-la-la la-la! We are a couple"
  • Social Dancing Couple In Life
    "there is couple in the park play and laugh up... there is couple in the street kisses and hold hand it must be anywhere running round my brain but im not allowed there im uninvited there there are parties"
  • Loretta Lynn That Odd Couple
    "(Betty Amos) We're that odd couple on our street Neighbors stare and wonder We're a man and wife in love With each other. Today a friend of mine came by Said let's do the town I can't fix you up With"
  • Huey Lewis & The News Couple Days Off
    "I like my job and I dont mind the work But eleven out of twelve is bound to hurt The pay's pretty good and the benefits are fine But I got a little girl and I wanna make her mine Don't mind telling"

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