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Rickie Lee Jones - Sailor Song

  • Sailor - Hem
    "I'm not a sailor I'm not so strong out of my shoes Dragging like anchors Over the ocean Pearls in the sky are strung round the moon Pointing to you And I'll sail til morning Or I'll sail til I Am carried"
  • Jack Tarr The Sailor - The Byrds
    "When first I came to Liverpool I went upon the spree Me money at last I spent it fast got drunk as drunk could be And when my money was all gone it was then that I wanted more But a man must be blind to"
  • Sailor - Rod Stewart
    "(R. Stewart / R. Wood) You ain't gonna get me honey no way Tearing down the highway in the pouring rain escaping from my wedding day I heard the bells ringing in the local church the ceremony's nearly"
  • Sailor, Sailor - Gaye Delorme
    "See the gypsies out on the highway playing their guitars in the rain and singing sailor sailor out on the ocean bring your ship here and carry me away. Look at Janey Janey out on the highway she's trying"
  • Sailor - Big Country
    "What would you be if the waves set you free And the wind in your hair brought you sailing to me Tied up on the shore would you weary no more? When will it be, when will it be What would I be if a hurricane"
  • Sailor - Julia Pietrucha
    "If we all go to sleep we'll dream, dream this dream and if we all go to sleep we'll dream, dream this dream If we all go to sleep we'll dream, dream this dream and if we all go to sleep we'll dream"
  • John Paul Jones - Johnny Horton
    "JOHN PAUL JONES When John Paul Jones was a little boy he pointed to the sea Said when I get to be a man a fightin' man I'll be I'll leave my mark on the ocean and my name in history When John Paul was"
  • Hey, Bub - Rickie Lee Jones
    "(Written by Rickie Lee Jones) I would call him, Hey Bub He had a little place he kept for me And he would tell me - (poof) Boy, we were so in love He moved us to a home there A place where he'd take"
  • Sailor Star Song (Opening Theme Sailormoon, 5th Series) - Hanazawa Kae
    "Kanashimiga ima Sailor Smile... Kisekiwo okosuno Sailor Wing; Daredatte kagayaku hoshi wo motsu. Makenai! Ashita e Sailor Yell Zettai! Tsukamaeru! Sailor Star! Kono chikai todoke ginga made! Anata ga"
  • Jolson And Jones - Scott Walker
    "As the grossness of spring lolls its head against the window As the grossness of spring lolls its bloodshot head Curare! Curare! Curare! Brogue cries from the street Curare! Curare! As the grossness of"

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