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  • Party like a rockstar - Sprung Monkey
    "Here we go again callin on a good friend sippin on a ride pickin up a forty cauSe my mouth's dry boardwalk hustlers with there cheap talk tryin to find the time on their tijuana knock offs hookin up with"
  • Rockstar For A Day - Bumblefoot
    "I just turned 19 for the 16th time Posing with bottles of the finest wine I'm only seen with people just like me So rich that we get everything for free Spouting politics from my limosine Because you care"
  • Rockstar (feat. Brian May) - Dappy
    "They say that I'm dangerous Like everything I touch falls apart If I were to tell, they'll kill me now Well imma cut to the chase I used to wish on a star but nowadays I need space: Satellites See the"
  • Rockstar (feat. 21 Savage) - Post Malone
    "I’ve been fucking hoes and popping pillies man, I feel just like a rockstar all my brothers got that gas and they always be smoking like a Rasta Fucking with me call up on a Uzi And show up man, them"
  • Rockstar (feat. Roddy Ricch) - DaBaby
    "Woo , woo I pul lup like How uou pull iup Baby how you pull up I pul lup Woo Seth n the kitchen Let’s go! Brand new lamborgihin Fuck a cop car Whit the pistol on my hip Iike i am a cop Yeah /3x Have"
  • Party Like A Rockstar Remix - Shop Boyz
    "chorus y-y-yeah, y-y-yeah, y-y-yeah, y-y-yeah t-t-totally dude party like a rock party like a rockstar party like a rock party like a rockstar party like a rock party like a rockstar party like a rockstar t-t-totally"
  • Popstar/Rockstar (ft. White 2115) - Beteo
    "czasem czuje się jak rapstar, popstar czasem czuje się jak trapstar, Rockstar ale kiedy siedzę sam i nie jestem online kombinuję ciągle jak nie pamiętać o łzach czasem czuje się jak rapstar, popstar czasem"
  • Every Hot Girl Is A Rockstar - Paul Gilbert
    "Who's that girl with the dark sunglasses Who's that girl with the hat pulled low She can't disguise While she tries to advertise The secret of what's hidden there below Cause every hot girl is a rockstar When"
  • Transition After Real World "Rockstar Cowboy" - Big & Rich
    "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE " HAAAAW I'm a rockstar I'm a Cowboy Everybody loves this song I'm a rockstar I'm a Cowboy Everybody sing along I'm a rockstar I'm a Cowboy Everybody loves this song I'm"
  • Do It With A Rockstar (& The Grand Theft Orchestra) - Amanda Palmer
    "Oooah, oooah, Oooah, oooah, Oooah, oooah, Oooah… Now I lay me down to slee Do you wanna dance? Do you wanna fight? Do you wanna get drunk and stay the night? Knowing what’s the price of me/leave? Do"

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