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Romans tymwk

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Romans tymwk
  • We Came As Romans Stay Inspired
    "Why do we love only when it's convenient to us? Why do we love only when it's convenient to us? It is because we don't want to let go Of the security that a close heart holds? Or is it the risk of being"
  • We Came As Romans Just Keep Breathing
    "Am I still breathing? Am I still breathing? I've stumbled over every obstacle That has come before me But at least I made it past I've been fumbling over every word I wanted to write But I've but those"
  • We Came As Romans Views That Never Cease, To Keep Me From Myself
    "I am so far away And it's more than I can take I haven't heard your voice in days I haven't heard your voice in days What is the measure of a man? Is it wading through the worst? Or is the measure of"
  • We Came As Romans What My Heart Held
    "I just want to feel something I just want to feel something new I feel like I'm stuck in this routine Every day is decided before I wake Every dream that I've dreamt I don't want to chase All the people"
  • We Came As Romans I Can't Make Your Decisions For You
    "I've led a horse to water But he turned and ran as soon as I turned my back It seems as if the way here Wore worse on me than it did on him I feel like my words have only given way To brief intentions"
  • We Came As Romans Understanding What We've Grown To Be (ft. Josh Wells)
    "All the lights, were too bright to see the spark that I've been missing for too long. Something I've been missing for too long. My empty cup, could never fill another. I have spilled all I've had, to"
  • We Came As Romans The King Of Silence
    "Woah... Let me go into this past and see just what's mine Vices and curses have all defied The man I've become, the man I could be Blinding my eyes with my country's sin This world is filled with selfishness Finally"
  • We Came As Romans Let These Words Last Forever
    "Let this love Carry on, carry on When we turn to dust Let these words last forever Make this life About something bigger than all of us All of us Let this love Let this love carry on I will not Hold the"
  • We Came As Romans To Plant A Seed
    "We’ve planted a seed An ever-growing wonder To a beautiful tree Grow Each branch outstretched And different from the rest (From the rest) Where the old have broken off Some easier than the last The right"
  • We Came As Romans Broken Statues
    "Show me your hands Let me wash them clean. Show me your heart. And let me heal you. We all need this. To be renewed. After time and wear. We're broken statues. Vines intertwined. Around your insides. Hold"

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