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Roxette Love Spins

  • Let Your Heart Dance With Me - Roxette
    "It was so easy To fall in love It got so simple To fall in love You know what i did I got excited We were united And so delighted It was so easy To laugh with you It was so simple To look at you You"
  • Paint - Roxette
    "I've got a hot chilly feeling I don't understand. I've got to run through this minute like a hurricane. I've got to tighten my wire from the sense to the soul. I find my back to the wall when it's time"
  • Soul Deep - Roxette
    "Save a prayer for a sinner and a saint, my baby's coming back Say a prayer, hide hide away yea baby's coming back Hey hey hey, ain't gonna trouble his wandering mind Gonna take on the time to find out"
  • Cry - Roxette
    "Living here without you is not an easy way of life. I spend my time without you, I try to make it all worthwhile. Standing in a rainfall coming down from the sky. Why should I cry over you? Why should"
  • Joy Of A Toy - Roxette
    "You wake me up in the middle of the night and burn the cover down. You're on the phone in the air like a record try to spin me around. Oh won't you move away, oh honey get away. The joy of a toy, is"
  • From One Heart To Another - Roxette
    "Echoes of loneliness, traces from love affairs, will never disappear, always come thru. I thought I'd never know the time to see you go, two people turned into one, thinking as one. A hint in the"
  • The Heart Shaped Sea - Roxette
    "Babe it's time to tell me that it's over, tell me that it's over, it's plain to see. And this time we won't be starting over, no crying on your shoulder into the heart shaped sea. Oh you've been a-running from"
  • I'm Sorry - Roxette
    "The first time we met time stood still You left me breathless Suddenly speechless. Within the hour we were one Two total strangers kissing the moonlight. Oh, you know I'm sorry I had to go I'm really"
  • Vulnerable - Roxette
    "Everywhere I look I see her smile Her absent-minded eyes And she has kept me wondering for so long How this thing could go wrong. It seems to me that we are both the same Playing the same game But as"
  • SPEAK TO ME - Roxette
    "Speak to me with tenderness Speak to me with gracefulness Speak to me with happiness and love Speak to me in loneliness Speak to me in bitterness Speak to me in faithlessness with love You want to hide"

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