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  • Ariel Rivera Ayoko Na Sana
    "Sinabi ko na sa aking sarili Na di na iibig pang muli Nasaktan nang minsan Pilit kong iiwasan Ang iyong ngiti Chorus: Ayoko na sanang magmahal Ayoko na sanang umibig pa Ayoko na sanang masaktan"
  • Ariel Rivera Both Inlove
    "You may not show it I may not know it But it's real as it can be You need no season I need no reason When it's your heart singin' This was meant to be When you're both in love Both in love... Seein' eye"
  • Ariel Pink Young Pilot Astray
    "I woke up on the day you went away I see it in your face, this day awaits Young pilot astray Young pilot astray Here you are Young pilot astray Young pilot astray I looked inside you, but you left no"
  • Ariel Pink Trepanated Earth
    "The sun rises and falls And on goes the day In every direction of the compass We ride a tropical desert region Traveling to a distant idea of time And there is music "The human race is a pile of dog"
  • Ariel Pink Immune To Emotion
    "Right on! I know how to do it There is nothing to it The secret is passion The secret's I'm immune to emotion (2x) I'm cold No mind, no pain Immune to emotion (2x) Just try to ignore it No use to"
  • Ariel Rivera In A Lovers Eyes
    "All you see are endless skies Like an ocean lit by fireflies With a long deep breath I speak my heart Saying things I'm not sure just what they are A feeling catches me by surprise You can see forever In"
  • Ariel Rivera Jealous
    "Jealous of the girl who caught your eye One of my darker days When you looked at her where was I? Shoulda been in her place Here I am All alone imagining what could have been If I had been there Jealous"
  • Ariel Rivera Mensen
    "Kon ik het hem maar aan zijn verstand brengen, ik zie de dingen niet zoals hij ze ziet. Ik begrijp echt niet dat een wereld die zulke mooie dingen maakt, slecht is. Moet je eens zien, wat er hier al"
  • Ariel Rivera Minamahal Pala Kita
    "sana'y kaya kong gawin na malimutan ka sana'y maitago ko ang luha ng mga mata sana'y kayang tiisin na magmula ngayo'y di na magkita pa ngayong wala ka na ii stanza ang akala ko noon ay di kita mahal at"
  • Ariel Rivera Sa Aking Puso
    "Uulit-ulitin ko sa 'yo Ang nadarama ng aking puso Ang damdamin ko'y para lang sa 'yo Kahit kailanma'y hindi magbabago Chorus: Ikaw ang laging hanap hanap sa gabi't araw Ikaw ang nais kong sa tuwina"

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