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Shame, omd

  • Shame - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    "If there's one thing I know Things are gonna change There's gonna be a different ending Though I'm not one to complain But there's never been a right time And we've never been too far But you're the only"
  • Shame - Ceschi
    "It's a shame, to walk the streets at night Not knowing where you're going, just heading towards nothing To rest your head on cement, never feeling another's flesh To never wear a watch, to never hear or"
  • Shame Shame Shame - A Teens
    "I feel somebodyAnd I want you to know aboutYou seeI want you to feel it tooSo just listen to mebaby.Can't stop me nowhear what I sayMy feet wanna moveso-get out of my wayI'm gonna have my sayI'm goin'"
  • Shame - morphine
    "I felt bad but there was nothing I could do about it Nothing I could do to make it go away I felt bad but there was nothing I could do to change it Nothing I could do to make things change This is my shame"
  • Shame - The Avett Brothers
    "Okay so I was wrong about My reasons for us fallin' out Of love I want to fall back in My life is different now I swear I know now what it means to care About somebody other than myself I know the things"
  • Shame - Backyard Babies
    "I've been down too many times I can't feel my bones I've been down all the time I would not even feel If a train came crushing into my soul Don't blow me away Sometimes I need some piece of mind Shaking"
  • Shame - Ashengrace
    "it seems so hard to find it, the window in the wall is the breathing of rain... This desert land is always this way, it never ceases in the rainspoken words in the sun. The lord of my light is the lord"
  • Shame - Rasmus
    "Talking about life, what it was 'n' what its gonna be. Get ready for the best time. He's a friend of mine born in the '79 'n' there will be a day when he hears me When I say: hey, you better be thinking"
  • Shame - Brian Webb
    "...And maybe thats the beauty here You'll always have your gypsy tears that make you theirs at night They give you a bed of roses with thorn and a thoughtful pose that makes falling feel like flying"
  • Shame - Spark
    "It was an ugly thing to look into my soul I thought You'd taken everything but You just filled the hole Give me the thorn, drive it in deep I'll take the pain cause love ain't cheap (chorus) My heart"

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