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Shania Twain - Man

  • Leaving Is The Only Way Out - Shania Twain
    "I'm not sayin' I have all the answers And I don't care who's right or wrong I'm tryin' to pick up the pieces already fallen And put them back where they belong So slow down your horses Stop draggin' me"
  • Raining On Our Love - Shania Twain
    "Remember me the way I was The way I'd make you late for work I had to hold you, just because Remember you the way you'd wake me up To love me once again We were lovers, we were friends But was I chasin'"
  • Crime Of The Century - Shania Twain
    "I was into bein' out on my own I could take love or leave it alone That's how you get when you're hurt to the bone One too many times I had this heart of mine locked away I kept my guard up night an' day I"
  • Dance With The One That Brought You - Shania Twain
    "Well he shines like a penny in a little kid's hand When he's out on a Saturday night He's a real go-getter and the best two-stepper you'll see But when I'm sittin' alone at a table for two 'Cause he's"
  • Forget Me - Shania Twain
    "Don't go around talkin' to your friends about me Bury the past, just let it rest in peace Leave well enough alone Treat me like someone you've never known Forget me Like you forgot to come home at night Forget"
  • Got A Hold On Me - Shania Twain
    "Got A Hold On Me You're standing over me Sometimes I hardly breathe at all I need a little room I need a lot of moon I got to find it soon or I'll fall Into the emptiness Into the dark abyss Too deep to"
  • Still Under The Weather - Shania Twain
    "My first lesson lsing a love was you Learning to live with your memory was lesson number two And I can't lie, baby I still cry sometimes But I've come a long way Towards gettin' you out of my mind I'm"
  • There Goes The Neighborhood - Shania Twain
    "The house next door just came up for sale She's goin' home to mama - she says he can go to hell The couple down the block is splitting up I hear And they're the third ones on our street this year It's"
  • What Made You Say That? - Shania Twain
    "Maybe tonight I'm gonna tell him how I feel Maybe I'll leave well enough alone Maybe, just maybe, he'll want to be my baby What if he's got plans of his own I'm waiting for the perfect moment Looking"
  • When He Leaves You - Shania Twain
    "I come here as a friend Though I don't really know you I know you're in love with him And he's made your world brand new I know you think he loves you And he may believe it too Pour some coffee and I'll"

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