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Shata QS - You're beautiful

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Shata QS - You're beautiful
  • Social Burn Beautiful
    "Can't you see that the damage is done, I'm wiped away, nothing to say, You just set me free to start again, Where's my friends? I can't contend. I must be wrong, please check again. Just take my hand, And"
  • The All American Rejects Beautiful
    "Every day is so wonderfulAnd suddenly, it's hard to breatheNow and then, I get insecureFrom all the pain, I'm so ashamed'Cause I am beautiful no matter what they sayWords can't bring me downI am beautiful"
  • Flickerstick Beautiful
    "You could be the devil in my bed You could be the angel in my head You could be the voices that I hear I'm singing along because it sounds just like you're near Chorus: 'Cause you're so beautiful Beautiful"
  • Jessica Riddle Beautiful
    "So maybe they mocked your pain. Made you search for a shell and pushed you right in. Maybe you're shocked they went straight for the vein. But you can't let them break you just by scratching the skin. Don't"
  • Marvelous 3 Beautiful
    "So I don't know I don't care If I see you everywhere It's gonna hurt either way When he looks at other girls when you look away Don't wash your hair, it's too early Don't wash your mind if it's dirty I"
  • Barcelona Beautiful
    "see that girl there on the stage she makes the air electric such pretty hair such a perfect face the world thinks that shes fantastic don't get excited don't get too full of yourself we only likes you"
  • Fur Patrol Beautiful
    "You're so beautiful, you're simply divine And wasn't God good to me when he made you mine Your touch makes me shiver Your smile makes me crawl Your nothing is better than my simply all You bring rain"
  • Tapping The Vein Beautiful
    "Please, I don't hear what you're saying It all sounds like mud to me There's a man here, I've seen his face He's sure I'll recognize him And he's breathing all his hate on me He binds my wrists and he"
  • Rosey Beautiful
    "if I had all of the cameras in the world could I be sure that I would be beautiful in that frame of mind when I... I wanna be beautiful, like I was then every day when you loved me and why should I care,"
  • Aimee Mann Beautiful
    "You pulled up and parked your El Dorado We said "hi" and kissed with some bravado I got out my camera and was laughing Happy it was you I'm photographing And we drove to the ferry Like the cat"

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