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Supertramp - Babaji

  • Help Me Down That Road - Supertramp
    "I feel so close to you 'Cos you know you always do Help me down that road I go to slepp at night Feeling that it's alright 'Cos you help me down that road When I feel I've been beat You get me on my"
  • C'est What? - Supertramp
    "Yes I've been waiting Waiting patiently and waiting Well if you ever feeling sorry So sorry for yourself And they tell you not to worry Just leave your problems on the shelf C'est what? C'est what, oh"
  • Where There's A Will - Supertramp
    "Where there's a will, there's a way Or so they say A friend in need is a friend indeed He'll be there every day And if it's trouble that's in store You know they'll tell you even more Where there's a will,"
  • It's Alright - Supertramp
    "I want you in my arms tonight You know you whet my appetite It might be wrong for us to care And maybe something's in the air But if the world is unaware It's alright, please say it's alright You'll be"
  • Not The Moment - Supertramp
    "I can't believe what you're saying about me I can't believe it's true You know you never should doubt me And take this attitude You say there's something between us Something just ain't right But every"
  • It Doesn't Matter - Supertramp
    "Hey, how's your conscience lately You tried so hard to please me And now you seem so uneasy You say that you've enough and you're out of love It hit me like a hurricane It hit me like a speeding train I"
  • Where I Stand - Supertramp
    "Well I'm a wreck and I'm a tangle And tho I try to find an angle Can't find my way around you No matter what I do And nothing's right since you left me My life was full but now it's empty Can't find my"
  • I'm Beggin' You - Supertramp
    "I'm beggin' you, let's start anew All my fears were wrong I was too headstrong Now I'm missing you It's been too long, and still you're gone If you ever cared About the life we shared Please let me know I"
  • You Never Can Tell With Friends - Supertramp
    "Yes I've been waiting, but you just don't come around You've been dropping in on, everyone all over town Say what you like, but you just don't know your place And everywhere we go, people seem to know"
  • Thing For You - Supertramp
    "Oh Lordy I got to feelin' so cold You know the mornin' it ain't too good for my soul I've been workin' in some faraway place I got to thinkin' 'bout your sweet smilin' face I got a thing for you I'm gonna"

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