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Szparap internetowy lovesong

  • Lovesong (Młody Blend) - Onar x Miuosh
    ""Tic-tac says the clock on the wall It tells me everything is wrong, maybe I lost my dreams long the way Feels like we're about to fall Into the shadow I run but lately gravity Is pulling me back on my"
  • Lovesong 100.001 - De Dijk
    "hier gaan we weer er zijn honderdduizend lovesongs dus waar begin ik aan honderdduizend lovesongs mooier dan ik ooit kan maar geen van alle geen van alle geen van alle was voor jou alleen hier gaan we"
  • Simply Not A Lovesong - Cirkus Miramar
    "Cherie jag ligger i min sng Klockan gr med tunga steg Stationen 20.03 Tget gick och du med det Jag tror du r min enda vn Den enda som jag bryr mig om Om jag blundar kan jag se Ett tg mot sder och jag vet Det"
  • Life Is A Lovesong - Lucy Street
    "Hold me never let go Can you feel my heart Hold me whisper my name And tell me I'm the one I have never felt Anything so strong, oohh Right now Life is a lovesong Between now and forever I wish we'd"
  • Lovesong for my babe - Killer
    "I don't know if you can hear this But if you do let me tell you It is exactly what you think it is And there's no better way I know how to say it than this: I love you babe So tell me what can I do to"
  • Made-Up Lovesong 43 - Guillemots
    "I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do Now there's poetry in an empty coke can I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do Now there's majesty in a burnt out caravan You got me off"
  • Lovesong Of The Buzzard - Iron And Wine
    "In the failing light of the afternoon Lucy in the shade of the dogwood blooms Yesterday, the solace of a poison fish Tomorrow I'll be kissing on her blood red lips And no one is the saviour they would"
  • Diary Of A Lovesong - A Perfect Circle
    "Screaming at the window Watch me die another day Hopeless situation Endless price I'll have to pay Diary of a madman Walk the line again today Entries of confusion Dear diary, I'm here to stay Sanity"
  • Norwegian Lovesong: Chapter I - Leaves' Eyes
    "I grew up by the sea I played under the sun Come to me, come into my dreams This is my light of life Between the bluebells Sits a girl with blond braids A blue-eyed angel With strawberry cheeks The spell"
  • A Cute Lovesong, Please - Rockettothesky
    "When-you-think-of-h-me-h-do-h-you-ha-masturbate-a-masturbate? I-want-to-know-h-that-ha-I-can-m-make-a-h-man-ejaculate. You-know-it's-not-pret-ty-but-you-maaaade-me-menstruate, love Tha-at-must-be-some-thing-cou-ould-h-some-thing-cou-ould-h-it-be-"

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