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Tante muda

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Tante muda
  • Cocteau Twins Mud And Dark
    "Echo fell in love with the handsome narcissus Narcissus struggles who heard walking It was the nearest to perfection "Is anyone here?" "Here here" "Come, come, I will beg you." Before I give you power"
  • Get Smart! Ankle Deep In Mud
    "Went by the swamp Looking around Went down by the swamp See what I've found Went down by the swamp Down by the sea Went down by the swamp Looking at me Ankle deep in mud Trying to run Ankle deep in mud It's"
  • Porter Wagoner My Name Is Mud
    "My name was Stranger on the night that we met And then it was Sweetheart and it might have been yet But my arms grew careless like a fear that they would Now my arms are empty my lips are so cold and my"
  • Smog Stick In The Mud
    "There's nothin' I'd rather see Than for you to fail There's nothin' I'd rather see Than for you to fail And where is the beauty That I once had? Where is the beauty That I had once? I feel like I'm becoming"
  • Primus My Name Is Mud
    "My name is Mud Not to be confused with Bill or Jack or Pete or Dennis My name is mud and it's always been 'Cause I'm the most boring sons-a-bitch you've ever seen I dress in blue-yes navy blue From head"
  • Tanita Tikaram Mud In Any Water
    "Brother - won't you, walk you town? Don't you ever wanna stray? See, I've been seeing someone in this town And they don't wanna stay Mud in any water - see you See you laugh and sing Everbody will be"
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan Stick In The Mud
    "Roll out the barrel bring in the beer hell bent for leather rousing good cheer don't let your best friend down he wouldn't like it to be done don't be a stick in the mud be a little cleaner one Right"
  • Thea Gilmore Mud On My Shoes
    "Ive got mud on my shoes Ive got a hole in my head Ive got mud on my shoes Ive got a hole in my head It is high fashion It is highly suspect Were one groove short of a record Oh, were forty four Yeah,"
  • Townes Van Zandt Mr. Gold And Mr. Mud
    "The wicked king of clubs awoke It was to his queen turned His lips were laughing as they spoke His eyes like bullets burned The sun's upon a gambling day His queen smiled low and blissfully Let's make"
  • The Other Ones Mud On Your Face
    "Summertime when the feeling's fine Nothing seems to get in your way Never knowing when to draw the line It's a fine time, or so they say Lost in subtractions in your head You've won, won the game they"

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