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  • Mystery Of You - Darius
    "You're a mystery We've got the whole day to ourselves The only thing that I wanna do Is stay right here and lose myself in you Don't wanna take no short cuts I wanna cover every inch of your skin There's"
  • Now Or Never - Darius
    "It took a while Took a smile When it hit me that you make your own fate And I can't wish my life away And watching you What you do And the way that you look at me Baby can't you see I'm scared I'm out"
  • Pretty Flamingo - Darius
    "On our block all of the guys call her flamingo Cos her hair glows like the sun And her eyes can light the sky When she walks she walks so fine like a flamingo Crimson dress that clings so tight Out of"
  • Right Girl Wrong Time - Darius
    "You're next to me, you're so at ease Never thought I felt so deep Everything's right, everything's wrong Nothing I do can change this song You know what really gets me about you Is how you kiss my eyes"
  • Sandy - Darius
    "Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool What will they say Monday at school ? Sandy, can't you see, I'm in misery We made a start, now we're apart There's nothin' left for me Love has flown all alone I"
  • Sexy Individual - Darius
    "Sexy sexy sexy thing You make me wanna sing And you don't even know me Sexy sexy sexy thing You make me wanna sing And you don't even know me Girl Everytime I see you I'm thinking hey She's got it in"
  • She's Coming Home - Darius
    "A part of me died The day that you left She didn't tell me No last goodbye My heart left for dead Somebody tell When its closing time Pick up my broken mind And the only thing I know She's my moon and"
  • Tear Run Dry - Darius
    "Lost at sea Drifting wreck Leaves my fear We move closer Warm breath on my neck Trace waves on your shoulder But I dreamt this before You left me on the ocean floor No call for help But baby I'm reaching Is"
  • The Way I Do - Darius
    "Your kiss, your smile, your mind You're sunlight in my eyes I miss your breath On my neck When we whisper in the night Didn't wanna want you Didn't wanna need you so bad Didn't wanna wake up And find"
  • (Something Inside) So Strong - Darius
    "The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become The farther you take my rights away, the faster I will run You can't deny me You can't decide to turn your face away But there's something inside"

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