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Twisted harmonies

  • Twisted - Joni Mitchell
    "My analyst told me That I was right out of my head The way he described it He said I'd be better dead than live I didn't listen to his jive I knew all along That he was all wrong And I knew that he thought I"
  • Nostalgic Harmonies Brings the Wind - Elbereth
    "Now, when the time has come and the leaves have fallen, in the eternal autumn of loneliness, in memories I've ever dead. She's crying, she's crying and the forest... in my dreams. Now when the time has"
  • Twisted Love - ATB
    "Twisted Twisted Twisted Twisted Love..."
  • Individually Twisted - Paul Gilbert
    "I was walking through the grocery store the other day To ward off my starvation Got a crackerjack, a coffee, and a milky way And had this realization Gotta go where there's someone for me Gotta know how"
  • Twisted Morality - Eidolon
    "Tormented mind - a weakened pagan The tarnished halo - of dripping blood Through unspeakable acts - 1 final shot at glory The sickening truth shall never set you free! Justified through the book of faith Without"
  • Twisted Face - Sadus
    "Twisted mind, twisted Face There's no rest, endless Race It's too late to save your Face From the twisted sons of Hate In your brain, the vein of Pain Causes you to twist your Face Velocity, accelerate Pressure"
  • Tongue Twisted - Catherine Wheel
    "Tongue tied twisted, steal time to stay Real song drifted keeps the thorn inside Tongue tied twisted twist around and creep Tongue tied twisted keeps the leaf What are you gonna feel? What are you gonna"
  • Twisted Girl - Anastacia
    "Mmhh... Twisted girl Innocent cloud Whohoo You'd better slow down, mh I said what comes around goes around Everytime And not sex in the city with your Jimmy Choos on, hu Or the life of the party"
  • Bitter & twisted - UK Subs
    "I'm so violent, I need mental guidance. I'm so bitter over you.I go out drinking, it stops me thinking. I'm so twisted over you.Get out of my way. I'm OK. I'm just bitter over you.Fuck with me. You will"
  • Twisted Mind - Avantasia
    "(vocals by Tobias Sammet and Roy Khan) (Roy Khan) One of a kind they say They've never seen before Investigate the aberration Disorder in the core (Tobias Sammet:) I never tried to hide away Or tried"

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