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U2 Bono

  • T-Bone - The Rakes
    "Shoot to kill, I dropped a pill Then I threw a bottle of drink down my throat I went at first looking for assistance T-Bone burst in with both guns blazing T-Bone Clear out the till Mother spilled her"
  • Bone China - Stardog Champion
    "In the morning She gone crazy With a painted picture Her father's story Bone China - my friends Bone China - let the summer come again She be dancing by the moonlit sky I'm talkin' to you She be"
  • Drinkin' Bone - Tracy Byrd
    "Well it's Friday evening, six o'clock And all my friends are twisting off I'm at the house just turning on TV And they all wonder why I've changed How many times must I explain It's basic honky-tonk anatomy The"
  • Dirty Bone - Rachel Stamp
    "Dirty Bone I am a sinner Born with an original sin Straight outa Pinner With my bible and a glass of milk And when I tell you that love is hard You better believe it Cos when I tell you that love"
  • Bone Dance - Miley Cyrus
    "My bod has many parts And this is where it starts Phalenges I have ten, And Medditarsals then I got some tarsals too, I'll put them in my shoes The Fibula is next, According to my text Then comes the tibia, That"
  • Truth & Bone - Heather Nova
    "Sometime I can feel you breathing into me. And these hands I can feel them tugging at my sleeve, I move through the day in the rhythms that I've known. I've got this crazy dream of stripping down to truth"
  • Bons Aliados - Charlie Brown Jr.
    "Bons aliados Com tiro efeito No tem fragrante Nem documento Por que viagem pra lei deve servir Pr deixar de experincia E vivncia sobre a realidade Conquistada No tenho nada, no quero nada, ento me diz Meu"
  • Bone Garden - Blood Ruby
    "I can throw my hands up Pleading to the sky. I can pound the ground Foot and fist Demanding why. How could they let it end? Never the same again. How could they let it end? Nothing here but pain. Sticks"
  • Pointing Bone - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "From the fury pit, a reek of misery Like a trumpet groan, tornado moan The splendor splits like a golden skin He and the wizards cry like humming birds In treasure glows, your weeping wings And a slaughter"
  • Bone Broke - The White Stripes
    "Look closer, you can see how I been runnin' it. I got a dollar bill in the cockpit. Suprised being white is a black hole? I got another job at the liquor store, damn. Oh, well, I'm bone broke. They got"

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