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Uuuuu flower

  • Yellow Flower - Good Rats
    "Verse: I met a lot of women everywhere I met a lot of women, I don't care But there's one girl sticking to my mind The girl with the yellow flower painted on her behind Thought that she was just another"
  • Beautiful Flower - Default
    "There you go creeping in your in my head once again it's a rush head to toe it's never enough don't you know come tomorrow see ya sorrow a taste of heaven all your livin' theres a thousand reasons to"
  • Wall flower - Hangry & Angry
    "dareka ni kizuite hoshii yo hontou wa kizukaretai yo mienai sumi de naku namonaki hana jibunrashiku aritai dake kore ga suki sou iitaidatte saku kisetsu wa dare ni mo wakaranai kosei shuchou wa retsu wo"
  • Blooming Flower - Chant
    "I've gone there with you now I've got to U-turn but I don want to because I want you carefully Get a hold of yourself girl and gather all you gave It's impossible, irreversible Time spent with you is gone"
  • Meteor Flower - July For Kings
    "Meteor flower you settled in my life shine among the cut-out stars and fireflies singing careful songs across a technicolor night signals stronger pass between our silver satellites I think I want to"
  • Wild Flower - Closterkeller
    "Hey you, you're wild, honey child I'm out of control Everytime you're near me I'm a wolf child baby And I'm howl for you My heart beats faster And I'm overpowered I'm a wolf child girl I live"
  • Mean Flower - Joe Henry
    "How beautiful you've made yourself How cruel you've become, How so much like another That it's no surprise That I don't recognize you now so Beautiful and cruel You're the meanest flower You raise me off"
  • Dark Flower - Cydonia
    "Blooding greed've stained your religions leaving only hate inside your soul Hey human can't you hear? The flame of a deeping scream I'm seeing the hell through the window This game is so hard to fight"
  • Flower Lady - Phil Ochs
    "G C G C G G C G Millionaires and paupers walk the hungry streets C G D Rich and poor companions of the restless beat Bm "
  • Iron Flower - K's Choice
    "Thunder, please explain why you ask me how I am, I'm fine I wonder is it sane to pierce purple eyeballs made of china I love you like a son, like a game I have won like a toothbrush I used for the Eiffel"

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