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Victoria kern

  • Hasta La Victoria Siempre! - T-Bone
    "Tenemos qou cambiar nuestra forma de pensar Como lo emos echo en pasado no lo podemos haser en el futuro Que vamos haser, estamos listos para perder esta generasion A la currupsion de television y musica"
  • Freedom (Hasta La Victoria) - Atom Tha Immortal
    "Contra Poder is the way that my mic is killing it/ I feel it in my blood, body, bone marrow, brain and my spirit/ Another day for a slave/ Another day to torture you cats worse than the Arabs hidden in"
  • Herminda de la Victoria - Victor Jara
    "Herminda de la Victoriamurió sin haber luchadoderecho se fue a la gloriacon el pecho atravesado.Las balas de los mandadosmataron a la inocentelloraban madres y hermanosen el medio de la gente.Hermanos"
  • Point Blank, Victoria (Demo) - Ten Second Epic
    "Hold on, my dear, it paces through the underground, but downtown sound is all the rage; My love, stay clear, warm nights, with a torrent flow, hold the floodgates back, pierce emotional The hardest"
  • Stay (feat. Victoria Monet) - T.I.
    "Hey stop fussin' all the time man, listen Listen! I love you and I know you love me too I love you shawty I love you and I ain't ashamed to beg you to stay I know you love me So that we can be together"
  • Deszcz (feat. Victoria Amell) - OSTRY / Bezimienni
    "w deszczu, w deszczu wciąż moknę wspomnień krople inne niż za oknem ciągle w deszczu tamtych chwilę tonę łzy zmienione na wspomnienia tak samo słone, tak samo słone w teatrze twoich marzeń dobrze odegrana"
  • Better Days (feat. Victoria Monet) - Ariana Grande
    "Baby, there's a war right outside our window (Don't you hear the people fighting for their lives...?) Baby, there's a war right outside our window But it's gon' be alright 'long as I got you with me... In"
  • LA Boyz (feat. Victoria Justice) - Ariana Grande
    "Drivin' down Sunset on a Saturday night It's gettin' kinda crazy under the lights But we don't care we're passing our time Watchin' those L.A. Boyz roll by In their droptops, Harleys, Escalades too] A"
    "We’re high as a celling Coz this is a weekend One more tequila Lalalala Got lost in that feeling And all the I needed Is one more tequila Coz we daring it down Every nights To feel alright"
  • A Little More (feat. Victoria Monet) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "I screamed at the top of my lungs But my voice couldn't save this home You're proud of the guns you hold What's left now? Where can we go? I had a dream that the world changed And for a minute there was"

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