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Vogue bedies

  • Everyday - En Vogue
    "Sit down, let me tell you what's been on my mind all day See, I've been thinking about the love we share in a special way And it feels good To know that I can count on you To love me like I know you should Listen"
  • How Deep Is Your Love - En Vogue
    "I see your love in the morning sun. I feel you hold me in the pouring rain. And the moment that you wander far from me, I wanna be in your arms again. And you come to me on a summer breeze, Keep"
  • How Do I Get Over - En Vogue
    "Verse 1: Me and you had a thing back in '83 I'm hung up on you still anyone can see Sitting here thinking 'bout what oyu meant to me I need some help 'cause its driving me crazy My liips are still wet"
  • It's About Love - En Vogue
    "She ran away from home at seventeen Didn't know what it cost her dream And mama is at home, broken hearted He robbed a bank, stole a car and fled the scene Didn't stop to think about family The ones all"
  • It's On - En Vogue
    "Who keeps it high? I keeps it high Who keeps live? I keeps it live Gonna party tonight, what Right, right, right, right Who keeps it high? I keeps it high Who keeps live? I keeps it live Gonna hit ya tongiht,"
  • Lately - En Vogue
    "Chorus Lately I've been watching you. Been thinking about you baby. And everything you do. Just sittin' away watching the days go by. Have you ever felt a breeze hit your heart. Like the wind was"
  • Lies (new Jack Remix) - En Vogue
    "chorus Lies, lies, using lies as alibis Lie's, lies, just a devil in disguise It's the same game Played in so many ways Everyone is the victim too It's just a waste of time Made for simple minds So why"
  • Lovin' You (Easy) - En Vogue
    "Mmm Yeah, yeah, hey, yeah Ba dee ah ba ba by ah (Woo, hoo...) Ba dee ah ba ba by ah Remember the story from way back when It was a day I remember back in the beginning, hoo, yeah, yeah Remember kissing"
  • New Day Callin - En Vogue
    "Woke today Hypnotized A blissful shimmer Lit my window Changed my eyes Changed my mind A new day callin' It's what I see when I dream It's what I feel when I pray Except I'm redeemed And this time I'm"
  • Love Makes You Do Thangs - En Vogue
    "Here I go again I guess I can't pretend I'm a sucker for pure love, my friend I find myself always thinking about that first romantic weekend It's like there's nothing else to do but sit and fantasize"

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