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Wiley - Sippin

  • Vibration - Alex Wiley
    "Okay, I been, I been high for way too long I just came to show face, okay? Ain't trying to stay too long I just do my own thing, okay? And hope it all work out Trying to accept the bullshit I'll blaze,"
  • Cash In My Pocket - Wiley Feat. Daniel Merriweather
    "Won't waste my money No, i see a new path Making new money now i got a new laugh (ha) Music is playing me well, so i aint gunna be the one to find a new craft If it aint for you find a new path If you"
  • Merrie Melody - Skinless
    ""Does blood turn you on? It does more than turn me on, it makes me cum! And more than the sight of it, I love the taste of it, the taste of hot, freshly killed blood!" I hate Roadrunner, why can't Wiley"
    "o! Wiley man, I am still disappointed Aigh, one more dub then it’s back to business I am a real G and your dad’s a witness Boy’d your bro, then your sister begged it I told that little bitch Don’t ask"
  • Till The Pain Outwears The Shame - Loretta Lynn
    "(Wiley J. Smith) It's not a knowledge everybody knows I love you We're cheatin' though we wear another's name Every night I swear tomorrow I'll forget you Lord I can't So I'll keep hurtin' till the pain"
  • When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Hank Thompson
    "WHEN MY BLUE MOON TURNS TO GOLD AGAIN Writers Wiley Walker, Gene Sullivan When my blue moon turns to gold again, When the rainbow turns the clouds away, When my blue moon turns to gold again, You'll be"
  • When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Hank Snow
    "Written by Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan Recorded by Hank Snow Verse 1: Memories that linger in my heart, Memories that make my heart grow cold, Someday we'll live them all again, When my blue moon again"
  • Freeway - L7
    "Parked on the freeway, sippin' from a can Parked on the freeway, fuck it man Parked on the freeway, sippin' from a can Parked on the freeway, he's our man Yeah, he's our man Yeah, he's our man Yeah, he's"
  • I'm All He's Got (But He's Got All Of Me) - Loretta Lynn
    "(Wiley J. Smith) No he's not a man who brags about his good look wealth or fame Though his reputations talk about but he don't hide a thing He lives the way he wants to live and that's how he should be I'm"
  • Sea of tranquility - Gordon Lightfoot
    "I live in the light of the bright silver moonI'll take you off sailing from midnight till noonI'll show the Sea of TranquilityYou can have any flavor you happen seeI live in the shade of a forest of greenIn"

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