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  • Without You - Kevin Rudolf
    "I was hangin off the side of the road You sit in silence & you hear every word You get so lost You lose track of time Reaching for a line And now its funny 'cuz it's making me see That I was here before"
  • Coffee And Donuts - Kevin Rudolf
    "I must have been dreaming While somebody was scheming I need some information We got a situation Oh Were you drinking? What are you smoking? Now you better listen Because the thing goes around"
  • Gimme a sign - Kevin Rudolf
    "Time doesn't wait, Wait for no man. So get on with it. There's no escape, Try if you can. And, oh, this world is crazy. And, oh, it blows my mind. Oh, it seems like everybody's rushing, Just to"
  • Great Escape - Kevin Rudolf
    "One night when i was asleep I had a dream i could fly I felt the cold on my skin Then i open my eyes So i jumped out of bed Went down the fire escape Now i'm laid out on the street I wasn't runnin"
  • I song - Kevin Rudolf
    "She walks in the room In her mind she`s far away I can see her emptiness But i just don`t feel her pain The love is gone The only thing she was living for Mister i`ll never leave you Walked right"
  • In the city - Kevin Rudolf
    "Every day i'm a star in the city Walk the streets like a wanted man All the time got my shine lookin pretty Mother fucks all know who i am Every day feel the heat in the city Like the barrel of a smoking"
  • Livin' It Up - Kevin Rudolf
    "(Ohhhh, crazy) She'd bring me flowers on a Sunday with a bottle of wine, Ohh But I got my fingers in the cookie jar, I ain't got the time, No~oo And you say that actions speak louder, so why you talking"
  • N.Y.C - Kevin Rudolf
    "In the city of dreams, You get caught up In the schemes And fall apart in the seam Tonight That boy he used to bomb, From b.k. to the bronx And it`s the fortunate one, Who dies New york, we ready!"
  • No Way Out - Kevin Rudolf
    "Fuckers its settled All the train came trippin thru the station This mad hatter he was beaming at me You cool cat You think that you kno me Im not the same person that I used to be Your cards dealt"
  • Scarred - Kevin Rudolf
    "She came from a small town, Hypnotized by the big city life. She came looking for a peice of action, All she got was the big city life. She tried to convince herself, This was leading somewhere. Just"

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